Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thus is the life of a working shmuck

Hey remember that one time I thought it would be a good idea to get a 40hour a week job?  What was I thinking?  Oh I know I was probably thinking, hey a real paycheck and complete medical benefits sound pretty great right about now!  Sadly I forgot that what often comes along with perks such as moolah is the need to, oh, actually work, and be stuck in a room all day.  Say WHAT?  working?  nahhhh

Good things (besides paychecks and medical benefits) I work with really hilarious people who make me laugh all the time.  I also do not have anyone watching over my shoulder all the time and I am the queen of my office and get to do things my way.  I also have more or less flexible hours which es muy bueno.  And also yesterday I worked with the cutest faculty ever.  You are probably not supposed to refer to faculty as "cute" but seriously they were the nicest, most enthusiastic, cutest faculty I've maybe ever met (no offense dad).

So I guess I'm not really complaining about my job because really it is a good job and I even like it, cute faculty and all.  The being stuck in a room thing might get a little harder as the sun starts to hang out with us more, but I guess I'll just open the blinds really wide and pretend I'm outside. 

Other news - BFF arrived YESTERDAY!  Glad Tennessee could spare her for a couple of days. 

Also Tuesday I spilled 2 coffees and 1 bottle of water on myself - beat that spillers!

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