Thursday, November 17, 2011

Popcorn > Manna

Manna from Heaven!

Spiritual Moments w/Diet Coke
I'm pretty sure popcorn and diet coke are a little piece of Heaven given directly to me from God.  I mean really is there anything better than popcorn and diet coke?  NO! (sing that with your best Oprah voice!)

I've been thinking a lot about food lately and eating habits.  This probably has about 10% to do with the fact that I'm a girl living in a country with a media OBSESSED with sickly thin people and about 90% to do with the fact that I'm 1/2 Italian and I'm pretty sure part of our genetic code is thinking about food for obscene amounts of time.  Its a funny thing, this eating nonsense.  And how much issue we have imbued upon eating and food and bodies.  I'm not going to go into a rant about how society has made women feel that they must achieve unachievable body types (they have) or how American's have terrible eating habits and are going to die (they do and they will) I'm just going to say that I have been thinking a lot lately about what my body should look like and the food that I eat and the health of this mortal vessel of my (super awesome) spirit.  And also I'm eating flour again - but only the whole grain kind, because I saw the doctor and she was none too happy about my lack of good carbs...

and now back to popcorn and its awesomeness...

Just kidding.  Sort of. 

Because it is awesome.

But I'm not going to write about it anymore.

Instead I'm going to ask you, oh you, the internet world of infinite answers, I'm going to ask you a bunch of questions.

Such as.

If you currently hold a good job.  Of which you have been working in for the past 11 months.  And you suddenly find that in order for you to become really full time (like the big leagues of full time) that you must interview for the current position in which you hold, and come to find out the only 2 people in the interview panel will be one beloved coworker and one crazy yet beloved supervisor, should you commence being nervous?  (I am and I don't know why, I've interview for like 50 bajillion positions in my tiny life).  And do I need to study?  Study for an interview you say?  Yes, I say, study.  Becuase if you're doing an interview right, you should be studying beforehand.  But honest to bob I've been in the freakin job for nearly a year now.  I'm pretttyyyy sure I'm qualified.  If by some stroke of odd fate I do not get hired for my own job I will run for the hills and jump for joy and glee and then simultaneously cry because  I will no longer have an income or health insurance.  Preponderances I tell you.


Should SP and I get rid of our cable.  I mean you know me (because they're aint anybody out there that doesn't know me reading this bull poo poo) and you know I love me some trashy tv.  But as of late I've been having some spiritual convictions about tv.  And that's saying a lot since I'm not all that into spiritual convictions.  Being that I haven't been to a church in probably months now and before that it was years.  None the less spiritual convictions I've been having.  And they have been telling me that maybe it is time to put the cable on a break.  Because more and more lately SP and I find that we have essentially no free time.  And when we do have free time we spend it with our rear sides glued to the couch.  and that is just no way to live.  Not to mention that the devil (our cable company) charges us 3 arms and 4 legs for cable - and that's just a lot of appendages being sacrificed.


Is it normal that I'm like crying all the time when I see babies lately?  I felt like my inside parts and I had come to a pretty good equilibrium about the fact that the baby production was going to have to wait until after the wedding nonsense (did I mention I'm getting married - oh yeah I'm getting married whether its legal shmegal or not)  But seriously I'm just so moved by the babies and the birth stories and the baby mommas all over the place.  I just know all this momma love in my heart is meant for some babies.  and i also know that I will have them soon enough.  But seriously with the crying all the time and the babies...

And that my friends is all she wrote.  I will patiently await your answers.

We leave for Holiday-moon tomorrow (you know our honey moon before the holidays start - like duh!)  It is definitely like a 98% chance of rain for the whole weekend but I'm so down.  I will sit in the hotel room reading a book and snuggling with SP and kooky dog.  I.CAN.NOT.WAIT!

And now pre-holiday snuggle pictures because this is my blog and I can do that! 
Eskimo Kisses w/KORI
SP and her cute baby dog!


  1. Hey it's Dom,

    Wrote a comment and lost it: Round 2!

    1. Don't fret about the interview, probably a formality to say they did it. Bring some ideas for what you'd like to do with the position in the future.

    2. Dump the cable, pick up a Hulu Plus or Netflix account to follow any shows you particularly like. Save a lot of money, still lots of things to watch but it's not as "easy" as cable.

    3. I have no perspective on the baby issue, just don't ask me to hold them the first time I see them. I've dropped every piece of valuable electronics I've ever owned, let me do some warm-ups before you trust me with your infant.

    4. Diet Coke and I have an unhealthy relationship since I don't do coffee. My boss thinks I'm crazy, but a cold Diet Coke in the morning is like a cool spring breeze of caffeine and aspartame wafting over a verdant field of productivity.

  2. Also if you still live in mid/downtown it's scandalous that we have not hung out and if you don't, I have a car, so we should still hang out. (He said a few hours before leaving town for a week and a half.)

  3. DOM! You are my first commenter - I will give you a prize.

    I still live in midtown, lets get together!!!