Friday, May 25, 2012

Just for Funsies Friday

...the rant variety.
Oh, ears are BLEEDING!

Music that was delicious but has now been horrendously ruined by mass media:

Music that was always terrible and is still making me ears bleed... (I refuse to link these because they make me sad)
  • Flo Rida - Good feeling (apparently I'm not a flo rida fan..)
  • LMFAO - Sexy and I know It...Really?  REALLY?! 
  • Pit Bull  - Back in Time
  • Maroon 5 -  Payphone (I'm going to rip my ears off if I hear this again)
  • One Direction - What makes you beautiful - maybe I'm heartless but I actually hate this song, for real.  It's like disneyland meets inspirational quotes on crack.
This section could go on until the end of time so I'll just stop here.

On a similar note, while I'm not a fan of American Idol (I'm sorry but it's just ridiculous) I'm not going to lie, I really dig Phillip Phillips.  Part of it is the name (reminds me of wilson wilson on home improvement).  Part of it is the sexy dave matthew's-esq-ness. Partly it is because it appears he can actually play an instrument unlike the other 15 year olds on the show.  And the fact that he essentially never wears anything but a tshirt and jeans is a super turn on.  I'm also pretty much a sucker for an underdog success story - I love it when the quirky kid wins.  I look forward to what he does in the future...hopefully it won't make it on either of the above lists.

Happy Long weekend to those of you who get to celebrate memorial day!  SP does not get memorial day off (BOO!) which means that I will be celebrating in my pj's with a good book!


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