Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Renaissance and a New Baby, huzzah!

So last weekend we went to the Renaissance faire because SP had never been to one before (what?!).  I'm sorry to report we did not dress up - actually I'm not sorry because you know how I feel about dressing up in general (negatively, in case you don't know for some reason)

A renaissancey good time was had by all.  We ate some fish and chips, we watched some jousting, we looked at some wares and mostly marveled at the amazing costumes and the effort to which some people go to recreate the Renaissancey feel (its a lot)  And I'm still trying to figure out how to use my new camera so this was a perfect excuse to work on that...

My favorite part of the faire however was the GIANT rocking horses. I mean really, this is some genius renaissancey carnival rides.  Love it.

And late last saturday night my newest neice was born.  So this week we went down there to enjoy some time snuggling the new addition and hanging out with her big brother and her crazy parents.  Oh my aching ovaries!

Up next..fall fall and a little bit more FALL!

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