Friday, July 29, 2016

SBL - Goodbye July!

Hey Yall,
Remember when next week was August.  Remember how in the WORLD did that happen already?!  This summer is just FLYING by!  Which is so sad.  Except when it's been 108 degrees for multiple days in a row the trappings of Fall don't sound all that terrible...coats, pumpkin, baking without sweating to death...even rain sounds good.
But alas, I digress.  July has slipped past and here's a quick account of what we've done:
Swimming Lessons!
Done and done.  And let's not lie - they were...TERRIBLE!  Baby girl hated essentially every second.  They were so bad I seriously (seriously) considered quitting after the first week.  But I'm proud to say that we persevered through the full 2 weeks (and the water didn't feel half bad to mama!)  The last couple of days were definitely the best in that she didn't cry the WHOLE time...just part of the time.  I'm still glad we did it though.  I really think that it is important for kids to learn to swim and I have high hopes that she will learn to like the water in the future!  Hopefully!

 She looks so happy...until we actually get in the water!

Another Brunch!
Oh yes we did.  I have no pictures but we had some good friends over for another delicious brunch and it was just further proof that we basically need to do it all the time because it's the best eating we ever do.  Home made quiche (me) our friends made baked french toast - bomb - and we had bacon.  I mean really, what else could you possibly ask for.

Prep for Baby #2
This is sort of stretch but I think it counts.  We also babysat our good friends' 3 month old for a day. Good practice for having 2 babies at the same time...I think yes.  Also a good reminder about what the infant stage is like - I had really forgot how blobby they are!  This sweet babe was such a fun, beautiful chunk.  And the best part was that Baby Girl was IN LOVE with her.  She wanted to get all up in the baby's face. She kept saying "hi" and trying to hand the baby toys.  She was very perplexed by why she wouldn't play back...But all in all - Good Things!
 Baby cuddles are the BEST!

Giving the baby knuckles!
And...getting all up in baby's face!
And if this doesn't make your ovaries scream I don't know what does...
Overall we're making some good progress!  Can't wait for camping next weekend!!!
1) Go Camping (Next weekend! - w00t!)
2) Baby Girl Swimming Lessons
3) Summer Vacation Trip!
  • Beach Day
  • Zoo or Sea World
  • So many so-cal burritos
  • Tide Pooling
  • Pageant of the Masters
4) Day in San Francisco
5) Day in Sutterville (or other small town in the area)
6) Fix up master bathroom (work on this is potentially commencing this weekend!)
7) Get counter-tops or floors done (or at least prepare to do them) (Been looking into it! Think floors are 1st)
8) Clean up backyard (In Progress thanks to my amazing wifey pants)
9) Mom's movie night
10) Brunch with friends (monthly?)
11) Keep my tomato plant alive (Yeah it's dead as a door nail...)
12) Organize Garage (In Progress!)
13) Hiking
14) Professional baseball game
15) Swimming/ Play at the new Splash Park (Walked by the splash park and baby girl cried; swimming at our friends pool tomorrow! Yay!)
16) Movie in the Park - maybe this isn't going to happen since our kiddo is going to bed at 6pm these days! (yay!) (I think this one is dead dream - staying up late for swim lessons has been hard enough)
17) Do a 5k? (depends on our schedule...and my laziness! - It is too D@MN hot!)
18) Overnight at the Beach - sort of done? (we did do this in so cal so I'll call it marked off and hope we do another one!)
19) Prep for Baby #2 - Setting up doc appts and trying to cut down on the amt of crap I eat
20) Family Pictures

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  1. Babies playing with babies, yesssssss!!!!! You all are of course ready for #2. You are awesome mamas. Good for you sticking with the swim lessons. I know not easy feeling like you are doing something that they don't like. Some kiddos just need extra encouragement with some things. Yea, I've got one of those, lol