Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last night I made tortilla chips... and other super awesome things

A few super cool things about me and life etc.

1) I made tortilla chips last night.  Not like made the corn meal and stuff, but like baked up some tortillas and I'm not going to lie they were the BOMB DIGGITY!!!!  Like so crunchy and salty and yum yums in my mouth.

2)  The dog has stopped peeing in the house again due to the strict schedule she is on now.  Maybe she'll learn to pee and poo on command?!  That could the awesome.  Although what really could be more awesome than the carpet not smelling like dog pee all the time?!  Nothing I tell you.  Nothing.  Well except maybe my home made tortilla chips.

3) The high school students invade my program and my life in 25 days.  That is a 2 and a 5 people.  That is less than a month.  HOLY MOLY CAROLLY.  Running a program is real scary like.  I'm not going to lie, I can't wait to meet the genius kids, they are the best part of this whole experience.

Don't worry though... 

4) I ran 4 whole miles on Sunday.  That's probably the most I've run since I ran a half marathon last year.  So while 4 miles pales in comparison to 13.1 I'll take it for right now.  4 miles is like almost on the way to 13.1 right?  Right - marathon running here I come (too bad it went from 56 - 96 degrees in a week - literally in one week)

5) SP and I are going to so-cal in August.  So now disneyland, the beach, the wildanimal park and much much more is in our future - got to keep my eye on the prize.  It will be the longest we've left the dog with someone else - I'm having separation anxiety already.  But a real vacation sounds pretty good right about now.  Only 9ish weeks (ughhhhhhhhhh)

And that's the haps for today.  Funny stories are coming.  Like the story of the forever famous (infamous golden throne)...


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