Friday, June 17, 2011

Wherin I pop on my soapbox for a moment...

Sweet Sparklers!  and yes I stole this from the inernet - So credit to wherever credit is due...

***As a disclaimer – I haven’t been planning this since I was 4.***

At my wedding I want sparklers, and margaritas and laughter.  I want hugs and dancing and regular food.  At my wedding I want love and joy and cupcakes.  I want candid photos and comfortable (and pretty) clothes.  I want champagne and sparkles and friends and family and friends that are family.

I don’t want complicated or fussy or stressful.  At my wedding I don’t want traditional (fat chance of that huh?!) and  I don’t want to worry about who sits next to who, in fact I don’t want people to sit at all – I want them to eat and dance.

At my wedding I want joy, not sorrow, fear or confusion.  

Most of all I want my wedding (not right now, calm down!) – legal or not.  But legal would be better.


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