Tuesday, December 25, 2012

To One and All - Big and Small

Merry Christmas to all my loves.  And if you don't celebrate Christmas than Merry Everything :)  I hope everybody had a fabulous Holiday season surrounded by friends and family and the ones you love.  And if you are like me and my family then I hope you had a good pair of stretchy pants...let's all say it together...FOOD PALOOZA.

Christmas at the parentals house (in the gorgeous never snowy San Diego) was everything I needed and more.  Family. Sun. Relaxation.  And more food than any human should consume in a week.  It was nice to take some time with SP and the family to sit around and enjoy each others company and not feel ridiculously rushed.

I have a million pictures to share but here are a few of the highlights from my phone:

Coffee at 5am.  Just helping Santa out a bit...
Mama's tree in all her glory
Santa put these in all of our stockings
I need my eyebrows done REAL bad

"Watching" The Holiday aka nap time

Much Love.  Here's to a fabulously happy and fulfilling new year - filled with more kindness and less of all the ucky.


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