Friday, March 16, 2012

Thou shalt not wear the clacky shoes.

Disclaimer: Work people reading this...this is NOT about you.  Disclaimer part 2: this is going to come off as very self absorbed, I apologize...


I work in a building full of nerds.  In fact I'm pretty sure the collective IQ of these people is like 9 gagillion points above my.  (yes gagillion - I had to make up a word to convey to you the gravity of the situation!)

In many ways its awesome.

Some of them are insanely awkward, which makes for some really hilarious moments.  All of them are so smart I know that they can figure out any mathematical problem I may have. Probably any computer problem also.  I'm pretty sure they speak code in there sleep.  They are also, for the most part, genuinely kind.  Even if they are possibly the worst dressed people in the history of the world (I love them all so I can say this).  But really.  If I could nominate an entire building onto what not to wear...ding ding ding...

Some things are not so awesome (or at the very least quite quirky)

For one thing.  The academic type, they get pretty sucked into their insanely smart brains.  Therefore they are not so good at the hearing of the things you are saying.  Thus there is a lot of repeating.  They also are not so big on the doing of anything else when they are in the midst of an academic fit.  They like their offices dark (florescent lights are bad for academic fits apparently).  They also don't like noise of any kind.  You aren't going to hear any rocking pandora stations coming out of these people's office.  in fact you won't here anything. Even in the offices that are packed full of graduate students like sardines (when did it become ok to make graduate students live in an office with 6 of their closest friends?!).  But seriously, all they do is stare at their computers and occasionally moan (moaning helps the academia...try it some time).  The only time they look up from their macbooks is when I'm wearing the clacky shoes.  Ok look I'm no fashionista (HAHAHAHA) and generally I'm a flats wearing kind of girl because really I can't be bothered to be wearing all them fancy things to a job where I can go literally weeks without seeing another human being (I AM my office).  There ain't nobody to impress.  But on rare occasions I get out of bed and dress myself up a touch.  It is often on the 30th day of rain when I'm trying to keep myself from ramming my head into any light source (yeah seasonal affective disorder loves me like real good).  Sometimes a nice boot or heel can make a girl feel less like the sun will never come out again and that harold camping was right and the apocolypse is in fact coming tomorrow.  What I'm saying in a million words is that sometimes dressing up, it feels good. Even if nobody is going to see you.  Or that the only person who sees you is a 75 year old retired mathematician who has been wearing the same baseball cap for the past 3 years you have known him.  But oh the clacky shoes.  The academics in their fits of genius work they are SO not fans of the clacky shoes.  I feel their angry eyes being drawn away from their macbooks as I walk to the bathroom (for the 8 millionth time).  They look up in the darkness and they think, that girl and her CLACKY shoes.  And I send them silent I'm sorrys (but dang, aren't these new wedges Fab-u-lous?)

This picture looks so 70's!  Probably because thats the decade my crappy apartment carpet is from...    

So here it is, one time all inclusive, I'M SORRY ABOUT THE CLACKY SHOES ACADEMIC PEOPLE!

I love you all.  And I hope you solve the nuclear arms problem, and global warming, and find the 4th dimension.

But I'm not going to stop wearing them.

Clacky shoe girl

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