Friday, November 23, 2012

A Thanksgiving Small-iday (its like holiday, but smaller)

This year was a different sort of Thanksgiving for myself and SP.  But I am oh so thankful for the day.
Our smalliday this year happened for a myriad of reasons, including but not limited to, the fact that our dog is insane and we can't take her anywhere, SP's work schedule has been off the chain and we didn't even know if she was going to have Thanksgiving day off, my family is not close, SP's family was all split up this year etc etc etc.

So this year we stayed home and we did Thanksgiving on our own terms.  And while I did miss my family a lot (because that's what America's really about - getting fat with those you love...jk jk, I really love Thanksgiving I swear) it was a really really great day.

SP and I and one best friendsie face (along with 27,000 of our closest friends) signed up to do our local Run to Feed the Hungry, benefiting the local food bank.  It was crazy to the crazy town.  I've never done a more full run in my life.  There were parts of the race where it was hard to run because it was so so packed full of good samaritans running on gluttony day.  It was however the best people watching run ever.  People were all dressed up as pilgrims, native Americans and/or turkeys. And SP and I ran nearly the whole thing (ran being used loosely here) which is pretty good since my back monster has not been allowing me to do much of anything for the past 2 weeks and SP hasn't really been on the work out train the past...oh...6 months.  So it felt good to stretch our exercise muscles.

 DWEEBS trying not to freeze before the race

We MADE it!
After the race we laid around in our stretchy pants, watched the taped Macy's day parade, and read the newspaper all well snacking on hot spinach dip, cheese, salami, crackers etc etc.  It was delicious and relaxing.

Pre-Thanksgiving Feast!  YUM

Around 3 we ate our "turkey"  Turkey being used loosely here as well.  Because while it may have started out as a turkey breast it ended its life as part turkey breast and part turkey jerky.  It was a freezer to oven turkey which I was very skeptical of from the start but I figured why not, there's only 3 of us, and none of us are all that picky (or all that in love with turkey)  It wasn't bad.  But it definitely wasn't the best turkey I've ever eaten.  I think it may have been more operator error however...and a crappy 1960s oven.  Alas, it was a feast and delicious in every way.

There were friends, food, and a special showing of ELF (Christmas is coming my friends, and this year I'm going to epically celebrate it to death!)  I literally never got out of my stretchy pants.  There was no dressing up, no fancy time, and nothing particularly traditional about it.  And it was perfect. 

Food coma ELF showing
Bestie made this from SCRATCH.  YUM!
I'd like to think I'm a pretty grateful person on a regular basis - I recognize that I'm incredibly lucky.  But yesterday my heart grew 2 more sizes.  This life, we're so lucky for it.  I'm so grateful I get the honor of experiencing this world, in this mortal body, with these special souls around me. 

Don't forget these feelings my friends.  That gratitude needs to live on every day.  I hope we can carry this kindness into the year, this love we feel for each other and for ourselves and all that we've been given.

I'm grateful for you!  Be kind of one another - we all deserve a little more kindness.

Besos, Sarah

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