Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Day the Cable Died

Oh hello friends.  It’s been a while.  Thanks for indulging me while I wallowed in a little bit of the winter blues and some self-indulgent sadness.   I don’t even want to tell you what the middle of January looked like at our house.  Mostly a tornado of crap around the apartment and me in my sweatpants and a lot of the food network.  It was going to a bad place real fast.

And so the truth must come out.

We killed the cable.

Something had to be done to get me off the couch and catapult me back into real life.  And to be honest, that sh*ts EXPENSIVE.  While looking over our bills for the 900th millionth time I thought to myself, self, why are we paying so much for the tv?  This is ridiculous.

And so the great cable debate began.  SP was pro cutting it for a long time now.  She never had tv pre me.  But I love the tv.  Like love love.  But the love was becoming the toxic kind.  The Stockholm syndrome was setting in deep.  You know like you love your abuser.  And my TV was abusing me.  Causing me to spend way way too much time on my hind quarters.  Vegging is a good thing.  But becoming catatonic, not so much.  And the money.  Do you know how many mani/pedis I can get now ;)  Just kidding.  But it will definitely help pad the future baby diaper fund, that’s for sure. 

And so on Monday, I said goodbye to my good friends on the food network.  And it’s been almost a week without any live TV (there’s still the internet…please…I’m not Amish) and I can’t believe I’m saying this…but I don’t mind.  It might be because I still have Netflix and have indulged in plenty of old episodes of 24 and Bones.  And it might be because now I am reading my book more.  And because SP and I eat dinner at the table now.  I always thought I liked background noise.  But the lack of constant TV chatter is soothing actually.  I find myself enjoying the quiet.  And the sound of my own voice singing me through my tasks.  I mean really…I love my own voice, for shizzle.

I don’t know we’ll see how it goes of course.  I’m sure (?) that this isn’t a forever change.  Probably some day I will get the food network back (I mean really, I love the food network, I really do) but right now, so far, its workin. 

So Adios Cable!  And helloooo Sunshine!

Sunshine.  And can we talk about how long my crazy hair is getting?
Also I joined the Gym.  But that’s another horrible story for another day ;)


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