Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mini miracles (aka the glories of a clean house)

Sunday was sort of a miraculous day in the Dranderson house.  First of all I knew it was going to be a crazy day when I woke up all groggy and awkward and looked at the clock and saw that it was 8:00am.  EIGHT AM PEOPLE.  You don’t even know what that means to me.  I am a chronic under sleeper.  I can not sleep in.  I can not nap.  In fact I generally don’t sleep very much.   Which is very upsetting really.  Its not that I don’t want to sleep.  Trust me I do.  I want to sleep.  SO MUCH.  But it just isn’t always in the cards for me.  So you can imagine my surprise when the clock said 8am instead of 6am.    Glorious sleep-age.

And then something even more miraculous happened.   A little known fact – I’m sort of a neat freak.  And I’ve been dying for the whole apartment to be clean at the same time.  Its like we clean and clean but it never is all clean at the same time.  So when SP woke up (she is a good sleeper – damn her) I boldly told her – “today is the day.”   And then it happened.  The whole apartment was clean at the same time.  All the stacks of crappy papers and recycling that needed to be taken out and random flotsam and jetsam was put into a proper place.  The kitchen was descuzzed.  Even the spare room (aka the giant closet) is cleaned.  It. Is. Miraculous. 

You guys I can’t even describe to you the calm that it brings to my OCD soul.  This morning when I woke up and every surface was clean and there wasn’t a bunch of junk every where I looked.  It was love people. 

And then I watched an entire football game.  I know for most of you that’s not all that novel or exciting.  But the football watching is generally not for me.  I find it…let’s just be honest, BORING.  The game is so stinkin slow.  1 min takes approximately 25mins to progress.  There are WAY too many players, I mean really people.  But I digress.  The point is that football watching is not generally my cup of tea.  But I sucked it up and I watched the entire SuperBowl in real time with SP and my bestie and I really didn’t complain.  I did read a magazine though.  So maybe I can’t really say I watched the whole game, I’m not sure…I’m going to count it.

 Gooby Superbowl Watching Peeps

The spread! YUMS

I'm bored, take a picture with me!

All in all.  Crazy crazy Sunday.  And so lovely as well.  We’ve had a few lazy weekends and its so odd.  Not to be busy every second.  It’s the weirdest feeling having these free weekends that aren’t planned to the max.  I like it.  However it does make me sort of antsy.   I’m used to having such a crazy schedule…I’m not really sure what to do with all this time.  Any suggestions?

Here's how we filled up Saturday:  And then I was sore.  And realized I'm REAL OLD!


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