Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Lights

After somebody loses their little boy it doesn't really seem right to write about anything else.  It doesn't ever seem fair to me that the world keeps on turning after the death of a loved one.  It seems that everyone should be affected by the giant black hole you are in...but the truth of the matter is, the light keeps shining, the world keeps turning.  And I actually think that is the best testament we give to our loved ones who leave this earth - we keep living.  We keep enjoying the glories of this earth.

So here is the light in my life lately:

  • The sun is out every day.  It is in affect the greatest mood stabilizer known to man kind.  I can't even recount to you the joy that wells up inside of me when I see the sun.  I'm changing religions immediately to become a sun worshiper.
  • Stupid exercising.  Hate it.  Love it at the same time.  It definitely makes me feel better in the end.  But at the beginning its pretty terrible.  That being said, this morning I found my love of the rowing machine.
  • Valentines day cookies.  Really do I need to say anything about this?  Yum.
  • My girls.  Seriously.  I have the best little family there ever was. 
  • These 2 songs.  On repeat.
  • Downton Abbey.  I mean really.  If you haven't jumped on this bandwagon, sad for you because this show, while very British (LOVE) is probably the best thing on tv these days.  (or the internet if you don't in fact have a TV)  The clothes, the house, the drama.  Swoon.  Its taking all my self control to not watch ALL of them in one horrible sweat pant clad go.
  • Hershey kisses.  Seriously.  My chocolate desires have been out of control.  It is taking all of my self control to not face plant directly into a cake this week.  So a few hershey kisses a day ain't all that bad.  Right?  RIGHT?!

Sunlight and the TIN MAN!  Love!

You know what else makes me happy?  A flight of BEER!
This is NOT Downton Abbey.  But it still looks cool.  And SUN!
My Loves!

  Aww YEAH!
This weekend is a long weekend.  And SP and I are doing something special.  And I’m not telling anybody about it because I don’t want to hear about what I should do or who I should see etc.  I just want to take a break.  And that’s just what I’m going to do.

That and find some gosh darn girl scout cookies (why are they hiding from me?!)

Love and light and besos my friends!

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