Thursday, February 28, 2013

What I liked about Today…the Yesterday Version

Yesterday I had a little breakdown.  My workdays have been out of control lately.  It’s to be expected around this time of year.  My job is very flexible 6 months out of the year and then 6 months out of the year it’s incredibly intense and all consuming.  Which has its benefits…and its downfalls.

I woke up grumpy yesterday.

And I hate that.  When it feels like the destiny for my day is already set.  So I grumped around until SP couldn’t take it anymore and made me talk to her and cry about how I have no life and I don’t do anything and  nothing is turning out the way I though it would and and and (everything is very dramatic once you start to spiral into grumpville…have you ever noticed that?  how its all ALWAYS and NOTHING and EVERYTHING and ALL THE TIME)

And then I felt better. 

Isn’t it crazy how just letting it all out and aired somehow in and of itself makes it better.  SP did tell me that I need to stop bringing my work home every night (she and I both know that some nights I have to but every  night and every day is really excessive)

So yesterday I didn’t bring my work home.

SP has been helping me so I don't go totally CRAZY
And I loved on my SP and my puppy.  Because the furry puppy she is always innocent and happy and just wants to love.  And my SP…she’s just the best thing there is.  A smile and a hug and a reassurance that everything will be ok.  And it is.  I’m so lucky.

And then she took me to Chipotle and the drive-in.

Wednesday is not a popular drive-in night...
 And that was the best remedy for a grumpy day ever!

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