Saturday, January 4, 2014

On The 10th Day Of Christmas My True (Blog) Love Gave To Me...

Ok so today is the 10th day of Christmas (The 12 days between Christmas and the Epiphany on Jan 6) and I received this beautiful gift WELL before Christmas but the way things happened around the holidays I didn't have time to write about participating in the blogger craft exchange this year before now.  And I really wanted to do it justice because this sweet gift arrived right when I needed it.

Somehow I came across An Offering of Love's blog this year (I have no idea how - one of those twisted paths from one blog to another to another) and discovered the holiday craft exchange.  And while I'm not the craftiest (I'm working on it) I decided to put myself out of my comfort zone and participate.  So I signed up and giddily awaited who I would be assigned - the ladies over at 1 in Vermillion -  a new to me blog.  They celebrate Chanukah and as you may or may not know Chanukah came pretty darn early this year so I scrambled to make them some sort of worthy Chanukah craft.  And let me tell you what - the lack of Chanukah paraphernalia in stores was downright disgusting - alas I prevailed.  And you can see what I made here!

And then after feeling successful about what I created I super de duper giddilty awaited who would be crafting for me.  And lo and behold one evening before Christmas a little brown package was waiting for me on the door step after a particularly rough day at work and a particularly low point in my brain.  I ripped that badboy open and cried big fat tears as I read a beautiful card from Little Monster and Mommies.  I have to say it was even more special that my gift was from a blogger who I felt like knew me (isn't that crazy, that we can feel known across the vast time and space of the internet?).  While she and her beautiful wife whipped up some adorably perfect Christmas decorations that we proudly displayed on our tree.  I couldn't wait for SP to come home so I could show them off!

So here they are in all of there glory:

Aren't they gorgeous?  They even remembered crazy dog Kori!

And this particularly special one meant for my someday children covered in beautiful baby dust and a little of their baby Boo's magic:

Let me tell you something you people out there in the interwebs.  You fill my soul.  I can feel your cheers and your hope and your happiness.  On my lowest days I know there are others out there who have known this longing, who have known this roller coaster, who have known this ache. There just isn't anything else like it out there - these brave and beautiful women who surround me and lift me up.

So thank you Amanda and Kris and your Little Monsters for the beautiful (and tasty wink wink) gifts.  And an extra special thank you to Amanda who has been putting up with some serious venty-whinning from me outside of the blog-osphere - now that is dedication!  

I hope you had magical holidays and that 2014 is shaping up to be everything you want (and deserve)

Up next - Crazy Christmas 2013...oh and what a whirlwind it was...

Be Brave!


  1. Aren't Amanda and Kris the best! These ornaments are seriously adorable and something I'm sure will make you smile every year when you place them on your Christmas tree.

    I'm lovin' the new blog header. :)

  2. SOoooooo life decided to get CRAZY for us after the holidays, but I triple LOVE this post! Extremely happy that your goodies found you on a day that you needed it :) And of course we could not forget Kori! Hope that extra chubby cheek potent baby dust that we sent along works SOON!!! New blog header is CUTE!