Thursday, May 8, 2014

Home: A Sacred Space

So...we bought a house.

And I'm in love.

SP and I had a relatively modest budget by California standards (not so modest many other places in the country, in fact I’m pretty sure we could buy some kind of mansion in say…Nebraska?).  And while the mortgage company told us we could afford about 2x as much, we went with our budget and not theirs and that was probably the best house buying decision we could have made.  Take heed of those before you, sink not all ye monies into thy house my friends.

The process was a whirlwind.  We started asking around to some friends for real estate and broker recommendations around last November.  We finally found some people we liked late in Nov/early December.  We met with them once and then the holidays took over. We started getting financing and such in order in January.  And then we went looking for houses.  We went out only 2 weekends (and saw like 12 houses...) and put an offer on a great fixer upper in a good neighborhood.  That turned around and was sold to a cash buyer (can we just talk about how I can't even fathom having that much cash...) 

And then a new house popped up on our online portal (house buying has gotten way high tech these days guys) and we liked it a lot.  So much that we didn’t want to wait until the next weekend to see it (since houses seemed to be flying off our online portal like hotcakes)  So we set up a time to see it one evening after work.  We were worried because it was winterish time and it was getting dark by the time we got there but guys it was the perfect little house of my dreams.  Not a mansion.  Not a sh*t hole (and trust…we looked at some of those)  It had cute little arches and a big big kitchen.  It wasn’t a 100 years old but it also wasn’t brand new (I apparently have a prejudice against new homes?)  And most importantly it had potential and some places for us to put our stamp(s) on it.  We loved it.  But we were trying not to love it just in case the gods of home buying didn’t love us.

The next day we put in an offer.  Higher than the list price (yikes I may add) That was a Thursday.  Friday night we found out we had gotten the house.  A couple of weeks and about 43 trillion pieces of paper later and we were home owners.  Many a curse word was spoken in shock.  Especially when we were frantically moving in a week before my parents came.  Or the weekend before when we painted for 72 hours straight (no lie I don’t think I’ve been that sore in a long long long long time!) 

And now it’s a few months later and I can honestly say that it is feeling like home.  We’re putting our things in here. We’re putting our selves in here.  And I am slowly whispering my dreams to these walls.  I’m letting myself imagine the “could be” in this house.  I’m imagining the spirit working through me in this house, working to let me build my dreams, my family, those visions from long ago. 

It’s a sacred space, this home we’re making.  And I’m so blessed that I’ve been invited into these hallowed halls. 

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