Thursday, May 22, 2014

La Gratitude

I know as well as anyone else how easy it is to get lost in the tornado of the mundane. The daily grind is a cliche for a reason.  But I think it sadly also numbs us to the amazing things that happen around us all the time as well.  Because when things are really good really often we expect them to be that way all the time.  Which in turn leads to that horrible moment when something unspeakably bad happens and all of a sudden our heart breaks and our eyes open and admist the pain we can finally see joy and color and all that happiness that we miss every day in our daily goodness. 

So today I choose to stop the tornado, or rather stop before the tornado and recognize how great the everyday things are.  And to recognize how much happiness, joy and beauty surrounds me on a regular basis.  And to recognize that this is not the reality of many many people on this planet of ours, and thus I am lucky and have every reason to be grateful.

So without further ado and in no particular order, snippets of joy:

Early morning walks around the reservoir near our house

Local soccer games

Friends who help put together beautiful new dining room tables

And curious puppies

Celebrations of the Earth and all she gives to us

Performance art and unicorns?!

Little league games (and nephews who pitch!)

4 year olds who wiggle their eyebrows at you for 72hrs

And little kid birthdays

Gorgeous families

And a beautiful wife

What a gorgeous tornado it is!  Happy long weekend my friends - enjoy every beautiful moment!

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  1. Beautiful wife and kids birthday parties for the win!!! Yes, yes, yes, stop the tornado and bask in the break of sunshine. Funny, I just wrote something quite similar.....great minds and all ;) Sending loving light your way!