Thursday, December 18, 2014

A State Of My (Mental) State Address

You guys. 

Did you know that in just 2 weeks it will be 2015?

The time is flying by at extra uber warp speed and I think I'm in the middle of my annual holiday melt down.  Things feel too fast, too busy, too tiring. But at least I can get these crappy feelings out of the way before the actual holidays ;)

One of the many things sucking away all my time - I made 8 thousand caramel chocolate dipped pretzels.     They were amazing I'm not going to lie...
Last week we had 2, count em' 2, more baby showers. It was incredible and definitely grew my Grinch heart by at least 2 sizes. This new stinker is so well loved and he/she hasn't even made his/her debut yet. I have to say, the support and generosity of our friends and coworkers has been truly overwhelming. Thank you peeps near and far who are helping us to understand and prepare for this crazy change in our lives. Some days I can't believe how quickly this kid is coming and some days I'm giddy with excitement and some days I'm just terrified out of my mind! (par for the course right?!...RIGHT?!)

I can't even describe how much cake I've eaten in the last 3 weeks...
Mah Peeps!
This...accompanied by a "squeeee" all the time!

We have a jam-packed next week with the holidays and my parentals and brother coming to visit and stay at our house.  Typically, every other year we go down south for Christmas.  But this year SP is pretttyyy pregnant and we're sort of doing a do-over since my poor brother was a hot mess last we're staying up here. And honestly I'm pretty excited about it - not traveling around the holidays? Uh Yes Please! Plussss...It's our first Christmas in our first home!  Which we're still trying to figure out...decorations, tree locations etc - but it's exciting none the less.

Christmas in the new house!  I name the tree Duchess Sybil just in case you were wondering...
Smore's in the fireplace with this beauty, how lucky am I?!
Ok kiddos, I think that's all I've got in me today.  Happy happies near and far!

P.S. 33 weeks yesterday! 
P.P.S Is anybody having major issues commenting on other blogger blogs? I'm reading all your blogs I swear but every time I hit the "publish" button on my comment it just disappears!  I don't know what to do!  Ayudame!


  1. Here's the fix for your commenting issue. Write out your comment, copy it and hit publish. It will disappear but the second time you paste the comment in the box and hit publish again, it'll work. I don't know how or when I figured this out, but it works!

    The tree looks beautiful and how great that you get to stay home for your first Christmas in your casa. :)

  2. Its so close to kidlet time! Can't wait! Hope you had a great holiday!