Friday, February 10, 2012

A love letter to the Keurig

In honor of good old valentines coming up I figured I'd write a little love letter... This is about all the pink and red you'll be getting from me!

Stole this pic from HERE because the one I actually use is N to the ASTY!

Dear breakroom Keurig,

I don't know how the department managed to justify purchasing you, but I'm oh so glad they did!  You have changed my life!

I love your sexy grunts and rumblings as you heat the water in the water storage compartment that has probably been sitting there for the last 19 days.  I swoon as you shake back and forth a little bit right before you brew me up a cup of spicy sweet coffee in just a lickety split.  I gush as you the hot strong brew hits my cup "in under a minute with just the touch of a button" (credit
Keurig website)

Oh Keurig I'm in love. I adore your grimy sides and the extraneous coffee grounds that have spilled all around your k-cup receptacle.  You know how to get caffeine in my veins just when I need it!    Dearest Keurig, shall we be together forever?!

All my love and admiration.  Yours truly, Sarah

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