Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vday – latesies and stuff

Yall know I’m not that romantic.  I mean a bunch of flowers or a cupcake or a quick trip to your local target is about as romantic as it gets around these parts.  Maybe dinner (not of the frozen variety)

But I decided that this valentines day I would do a little something (emphasis on the little)

So I got SP a kit kat heart like a week before vday and you know what we most DEF ate that entire thing about 5 days before actual vday (whoopsie baloopsie)  On actual valentines day I was like, um should I do something?  I mean I already got the kit kat heart how much hearty-ness does one need?  And then I said to myself, self, get it together and show this love holiday some lovin.  And so I threw on my adorable apron (it really is adorable, I’ll have to show it to you sometime) and I made my lady some heart shaped pizza. 

And I’m not going to lie it was A-to-the-mazing. Even if they were a touch on the lopsided side.

I also made this :) 
(and SP forced me to leave it on the table for the week following)

What I didn’t expect was that when I got home (even though SP and I left at the same time that morning) was a surprise from SP and it was so stinkin cute I almost died.  I love flowers, even though they die, and I love love not-roses flowers.  So these were the perfect and there was a ton of chocolate and oh my did we eat it!

And while I am definitely not a valentines convert, I’m sorry I really hate pink with red I’m just not a fan, it was a very cute day and was another sweet lovin moment.

Also this:
Not from valentines, but just cause.

Post. Script. We are now on a juice fast because eating all that chocolate almost killed me.  More on that later…

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