Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Little More Ketchup...and Saltines...

Luckily for everyone I've tapered off a bit in the baby/pregnancy journal-ing.  I want to get all of this up here though for posterity - got to have the memories somewhere.  These entries are still from pretty early on.  SP is 15 weeks this week so I've got to get caught up soon or I'll spend the whole pregnancy recapping!  Anyway here's a quick glimpse back in time!


6/5/14 - 5 weeks and countingggg

June 1st was 5 weeks.

I'm dying for the first ultrasound (which is scheduled for week 7)  

I'm pretty sure SP is SICK of me asking her about her symptoms and how she feels etc. But it is kind of cool to watch the "symptoms" happen.  Her pants don't fit as well (in fact we order some belly bands to try to extend the time bmc - before maternity clothes), she's definitely more tired, and more cry-ey ;)  Some days though she says she doesn't even feel pregnant which is weird (and does sort of send me into a tiny anxiety space) but I think it's early yet.  I fear morning sickness could still be on its way.

Keeping this secret is KILLING me, but we are both hesitant to tell anybody because we are well aware that miscarriages happen.  And I'm not sure we could go through telling everybody we're pregnant and then having to tell everybody we're not pregnant anymore. So we're waiting. but it doesn't mean I like it!

Mini-pregs (aka the Before picture)


6/10/14 - The Saltine Diet (6 weeks)

Babycakes is at about 6 weeks now and she's starting to feel it.  She's super exhausted and is definitely having some nausea here and there.  Which is especially hard for because she's not really a thrower up-er.  Like she never throws up... at least she hasn't in the last 5 she's extra nausea sensitive, poor thing.

She's also growing out of her clothes which she hates but I keep explaining is sort of to be expected unfortunately.  I ordered her some belly bands online in hopes of keeping her in her pants a little while longer (har har).  And bra shopping (dreaded dreaded bra shopping) is on the horizon.

SP has had some spotting which of course sent both of us into a crazy panic.  And then add in all the googling and we were sure the worst was happening.  I convinced her to call the clinic and they told her that it is normal for some people to spot in early pregnancy. But they said that because she is RH- she should come in for a Rhogam shot.  Being RH- doesn't usually affect first pregnancies but it wouldn't hurt anything.  

So now basically we just wait.  Everything seems like it's waiting waiting waiting.

Next week we have our first ultrasound, to say I'm beyond excited would be an understatement.  I think it's important for SP too as she keeps saying it doesn't seem real.  I'm like really honey? 4 home pregnancy tests, a blood test, and an inability to stay awake or eat anything haven't convinced you (not to mention that whole not having a period thing but whatever...)  

Fingers crossed everything is progressing as it should be...come on universe, please give us this one!

This is the "I hate you" smile ;)


  1. Oh my God! I have never heard of anyone but Kim who hasn't thrown up. Literally Kim and I have been together for 11 years and I have never seen this girl throw up. I mean, its heartbreaking to watch when she's sick and nauseous because she can't get it out and you just know throwing up would make it so much better!

    On the nausea front, give her a nice peppermint bath. That scent, really helped calm my nausea. I never threw up when I was nauseous even though I can throw up, but if she's anything like Kim, calming that feeling will help. I found peppermint scent did wonders. I also went the local health food market and got some genuine ginger candies to gnaw on. Great buy too!

    I'm just so excited for you guys and I just have to ramble, ramble, ramble!!

    1. Right how weird are these women who never throw up?! She's doing better these days but still sick at night - what does that mean? girl/boy/alien? ;) Love the rambling and the excitement!!!!


    Also, Boo's REAL nickname is Baby Cakes and so I smile so huge whenever I see you say it here!!! It's the small things, LOL.

    1. I call SP babycakes and the little growing bean babycakes - it could get confusing around here soon :) Yeah this baby must be doing some growth spurting in the evenings because SP definitely has evening sickness. But we had an appt yesterday and all seems to be well so yay yay yay!