Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Little Ketchup Baby

So I've got several entries I've been saving until we could announce the news so I'll try to run through them in the next few weeks and get errrybody up to speed :)  Here's my first one from RIGHT after we found out!




BIG FAT PREGNANT (for those of you unfamiliar with the trying to conceive acronym language)


SP got the "smiley face" on Mothers day which in and of itself seems pretty magical.  It was quite the gift - seeing as I was feeling pretty non-mothery that day.  The next day we went in for a late morning IUI with my most favorite small asian, very efficient doctor and then out to lunch to cap it all off.

And then we did our best to forget about everything for 2 weeks.  Which was easier this time around because we were insanely busy with trips and visitors etc etc.  Towards the end of the dreaded two week wait SP was pretty convinced that she wasn't pregnant because she didn't feel anything...I was playing Switzerland (but reminded her that the time before she had felt something and then she wasn't pregnant...and oh yes...this was only her 2nd try, damn fertile myrtle!)

So on day 13 of 14 we couldn't take it anymore.  And even though we had guests SP decided she would just take a pregnancy test and see what it said.  So early that morning we are lying in bed, she takes the test, leaves it, takes the dog out, comes back and checks the test and says "it's negative" and throws it away.  We proceeded to throw a small pitty party.  SP is mad, I'm just disappointed.  But oh well it's only time 2 and we will try again and things are working out blah blah blah.  

Finally I get up to use the restroom and decide I will surreptitiously check the test too...you know just in case.  Simultaneously SP yells out, "Can you just check it for me?"  So I pull the test out of the trash (classy I know) and I see TWO FREAKIN LINES.  I wanted to scream (but we had guests) And I was like are you screwing with me this has two lines.  SP swears it only had one line when she looked (its very possible since she probably didn't wait the 3 full minutes.  But this was like 2 REAL lines like not 1 line and a 'maybe' line.  But still we worried it was wrong or an evaporation line or whatever other crazy excuse you could make up in your brain.  And I'm googling everything on the planet and trying not to cry.  And so SP takes another test (because we are junkies) and it's only like a few hours later and you're really supposed to let it build up and stuff but guess what?!  TWO LINES AGAIN.  At this point I'm whisper screaming YOU'RE PREGNANT, YOU ARE PREGNANT and crying in our bathroom as quietly as possible.

It was possibly the craziest moment of my life thus far.  Don't worry she took 2 more pregnancy tests the next day and then a blood test so we're pretty solid now that's she is knocked up!  

1st ultrasound on June 17th!  I can't wait!!!!

BABIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (well probably just one but still BABYYYYYYYYY!)

Awww yeahhhh!


  1. Awwwwwww, yeah is right! So, SO happy for you two!!!

    1. :) Send us all the advice you have! Hope we can see you in the near-ish future. Perhaps we will have to venture to your coast one of these days...

  2. YAY! Congratulations to you both!!! Good thing you guys checked that test!

  3. Such an exciting time! Congrats again! Love the picture!

    1. Thanks Nadine! We're still pretttyyyy jazzed. Seems like time is passing so quickly and not quickly enough!