Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Blogmas Vol. 2

On the 2nd day of Blogmas my true love gave to me...


Because nothing says Christmas fun like going back in time?!? :/

We had a pretty jam packed Thanksgiving weekend this year. 

We spent Thanksgiving day watching the parade and snuggling and then eating amongst the chaos of 24 people at the In-Laws.  It was kids and adults and food and yelling and meltdowns and laughing and signing.  Basically all of your important holiday moments.

Cheesy Turkey ;)
Sweet Auntie

Serious discussion about fabulous family photos of yore

Gobble till you Wobble! (you know we did!)

The next day my (not so) baby bro came to town and we hung around the house and ate burritos for lunch (as one does on a major eating holiday?) We watched a terrible movie (Focus - sorry will smith...not so much) and then cooked Thanksgiving part 2. And it was a Thanksgiving miracle in that all of the food turned out delicious and we didn't set the smoke alarms off once! (unlike when my mom was visiting and we set them off twice...mmm...) And seeing as the only full turkey I've ever cooked was in a residence hall oven, the fact that this one was edible really was pretty miraculous.  We feasted on turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing and green bean casserole.  And then we capped it off with brownies and ice cream...because pie isn't all it's cracked up to be ;)
Thanksgiving dinner complete with "fire"

The traditional self timer photo!
The following day we headed back to the inlaws for family photo palooza. 10 kids 10 adults 1 photographer 1 assistant and only a handful of meltdowns.  We followed that up with a birthday dinner for mother in law where we ate a lot and sang too loud.

 Photo out-takes

Birthday singing is very serious in this family (and sometimes rather loud...even in public!)

So recap:

Eating, eating, tv, eating, photos, eating eating eating...

In all cheesiness though it was a lovely holiday filled with all of my favorite things - food and family.  And this year I am feeling acutely aware of the abundance I am lucky to live with and in. I am safe. I am fed. I am clothed. I am warm. And on top of those most basic luxuries I also am loved. I am a MOTHER (WHAT THE WHAT???). I have an amazing partner in life. I have a family who loves me and makes me laugh. I have a stable job that I truly enjoy. I have access to health care and education. I have many things I have worked very hard for but I also have many things I was granted just by luck of the draw or by privilege and that has definitely not gone unnoticed. 
And on top of all of that I am thankful for you, dear friends, out there in the world, loving me and witnessing this life story of mine - thank you for letting me be part of your lives and for being part of my history as well!
Be Brave! Be Generous!  
Happy Blogmas!

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