Saturday, December 12, 2015

Blogmas Vol.12

What I liked about today - the Blogmas edition 

In no particular order what I liked about today:

-Seeing happy grads while working at commencement. So shiny and excited for the future! (suckasss! jk jk...sort of ;)
-"Sleeping In" until 6:45am (yes that is late for me)
-Doing a little in person shopping all by myself
-My wife cleaning the bathrooms! Hallelujah!
-A fun holiday party with friends from all the different worlds
-Grilled cheese sandwhiches
-Clean clothes. So much laundry done.
-Peanutbutter balls!!!! (Thank you so much you know who!)
-Comp time for working at said commencement ceremony.
-The smell of our (dying) Christmas Tree Harriett
-Advent calendars and the nasty nasty chocolate that comes in them (we need a better system for next year - except SP says it isn't Christmas without nasty chocolate!)
-Online Shopping - can I get an AMEN?! 
-A baby who's fever broke.  And who pulled her self up to standing for the first time today (ACK)
-Christmas lights
-Thank you notes from small children

Hope everyone is having a merry and bright night! 

Merry Blogmas!

Baby's First Advent Calendar! (no chocolate for!)

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