Monday, January 2, 2012

A-dios 2011!

Happy New Year!

It really has been a glorious year.  Many downs yes, but many many ups as well.

2011 in a nutshell:

I start a new job.  It takes up my entire life. 

The world is introduced to the Trenta cup.   The jury is definitely still out on that one. (love it, hate it, love to hate it…I dunno)

We move.  AGAIN.  Please God of all things housey lets not move again in 2012.

I survive my first application period at my new job.  And learn how to be the best at paperwork.  Paperwork WINNER.  And my insane desire to snatch babies starts to grow like a MOTHER Effer. 

I pretty much start to freak out ALL the time.  My new job is taking over my life and I don’t know what I’m doing.  I also stop sleeping.

Baby fever grows with leaps and bounds.  Everybody and their brother are having babies.  I love/hate it.  Kori starts (continues?) to destroy everything in our house.  We wonder how in the hell she is still alive.  I also become obsessed with the word palooza.

I start to really really really freak out about work.  I also talk about love and marriage.  And make popsicles.

I cry every day.  I also get an ulcer.  I do love the kids I work with though, even through I know they will eventually cause me to throw up blood.

I SURVIVE.  We go to the beach to celebrate.  I also sleep for approximately 1 week.

We go on vacation to visit the parentals in San Diego.  It is so fun going to Disneyland, the beach and also getting the stomach flu….yeah.  All of a sudden it’s fall!  And I realize I like Fall!  What the what?!  I get bangs.  Mistake?  Mmmm.  I realize once again how freakin’ lucky I am that I found SP.

I start doing the budget at work.  It ruins my life again.   I learn a lot though.  I still hate Halloween.  SP indulges me and does not make me dress up this year :)  We also find a stray dog.  Which is fun for 2 seconds and HORRIBLE for 2.5 days.  So much laughing happens.

I recognize once again the joys of Diet Coke and Popcorn.  Despite wanting to be healthy and such, I still love me some liquid chemicals!  I interview for the job I already had.  I get it.  Yay?  UC Davis BLOWS THE EFF UP.  Let’s just say, one should be careful with their pepper spray.  I give my 2 cents about the whole situation.  SP, Dodo the dog and I make the epic trek to San Diego for Thanksgiving.  It’s fricken awesome.  It’s like a tropical wonderland in November.  We eat our body weight in sweets.   

I discover I have technological skillz.  Haha.  Just kidding.  SP allows me to turn our apartment into Santa’s workshop.  It’s pretty much the bomb.  I miss my blog’s first birthday.  And resolve to treat him/her better in this next year.  We go on 99 Christmas light expeditions.  Peeps have gone Christmas C to the RAZY this year.  My family descends upon our tiny apartment like locusts to a wheat field

All in all it’s been a fabulous year.  I can’t even believe that it’s coming to an end already.  Clich√© yes, but I think time really does speed up as you age.  Whyyyy.  We had a fabulous time on NYE.  Hopefully I’ll have pictures and memories for you soon.  There are some big things coming up for 2012 - weddings!, and trips!, and crazy life oh my! 

I hope 2011 leaves you feeling sweet and that your hopes and dreams are bursting for 2012.  Much love from little family to you and yours!

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