Friday, December 15, 2017

Blogmas 2017 - Vol. 15

So I'm tired and it's tonight is a little bit of a cop out - but I'm posting something, so I think it counts!  Without further ado, here's a little bit about lil' ol' me!
25 Facts About Me!

What is your middle name?: Beth
What was favorite subject at school?: English probably
What is your favorite drink?: Coffee, Seltzer Water, Diet Coke - alcohol probably vodka something
What is your favorite song at the moment?: Uh it's pretty much all christmas music all the time right now.  I'm really loving the Pentatonix Christmas Albums!
What is your favorite food?: Uh yeah all the foods.  I love a good everything bagel with cream cheese, I adore a great salad bar, I could probably eat mexican every day of the week.  And bread and cheese yum!
What is the last thing you bought?: Sadly it was a $1 ice cream cone at McDonalds
Favorite book of all time?: I don't know if I can choose.  I loved A Wrinkle In Time; The Secret Life of Bees; When Breath Becomes many
Favorite Colour?: Blue
Do you have any pets?: Crazy Kori Dog!
Favorite Perfume?: I'm cheap and only have body spray from bath and body works.  I like Twilight Woods
Favorite Vacation?: Anywhere tropical with a beach.  I also love Europe - and in particular Paris.
Are you married?: Yep!
Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Yes - a lot
Do you speak any other language?: I can cobble together enough Spanish to get by at a 4year old level
How many siblings do you have?: One brother by blood, a few sisters by life
What is your favorite shop?: Uh Amazon and/or Target
Favorite restaurant?: Really depends on the mood
When was the last time you cried?: Monday I think; combo of exhaustion and utter garbage happening
Favorite Blog?: Yours! Honestly I still really love Post Secret
Favorite Movie?: Eat Pray Love, Julie Julia, The 1st Harry Potter, Christmas movies
Favorite TV show?: Gilmore Girls
PC or Mac?: Mac
What phone do you have?: White iPhone I honestly don't know what number 
How tall are you?: 5ft 3in on a good day
Can you cook?: Yes, I would say I'm a decent cook

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