Saturday, December 9, 2017

Blogmas 2017 - Vol. 9

For My Light

Dear SP,

This life...I think we can agree that it is C to the razy!  But how lucky am I to have found my most perfect co-pilot?!  We drive each other totally bonkers in the best way possible.  You know just how to make me laugh (Whatever whatever).  You know just how to push my buttons (click those nails one more time...)  You know just how to lift me up, how to make me feel beautiful, and how to calm down my anxiety.

It feels like our lives have been on speed the last 8 years.  Graduations, babies, houses, weddings, babies, dogs, apartments, travel.  I know that sometimes it feels like we don't have a moment to breathe.  And sometimes I know we put ourselves and our marriage at the absolute bottom of the list.  But thank you for running every race with me and climbing every mountain.  For celebrating every moment and every victory.  And for hanging on and fighting and fighting and fighting.

I know that it's going to be another banner year - because apparently this really IS just how life is.  But I couldn't ask for a better partner, cheerleader, and friend to travel this twisty road with.

I love you my darlin.  Forever and always and all ways!

Muffin Pants