Monday, January 31, 2011

Note to self...

Never pick up phone during lunch break.

In other news...

Little family moved this weekend!  Muscles are still very sore (somebody is out of shape and that somebody is me).  Thanks to fabulous friend crew, new apartment has ALL of our belongings in it - major bonus.  Also new apt has "giant" kitchen (with dishwasher!!!!!), 3 tons of storage, and so many millions of more square feet.  Let's not talk about the fact that everything in the bathroom leaks (EVERYTHING) and that we have no heat and that dodo the dog has now peed (x2) and pooped in the apt (thank goodness for brown camouflaging carpet and pet fabreeze!)

Pictures and such to follow when life is less crazy and apt is less frigid!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Momon Mania?

So I started this blog and then decided to forget about it and then was recently told I would be a funny blogger?  What does that mean?  I have a funny life?  I'm funny looking? Probably yes to all of the above.

So I will bore you all with the life and times of yours truly and Super Partner (SP), and dodo the dog!

I'm really into reading Mormon blogs these days.  (and so is everybody else apparently)  Am I Mormon you ask?  I would have to go with a large shiny No on that one.  The Mormon's and I don't really see eye to eye on many things (read anything?).  But I will give credit where credit is due, Mormon's are really prolific bloggers.  And they have an uncanny way of making my biological clock go into over drive.  On top of being great bloggers there are a few other things the Mormon's seem to have gotten a really good handle on  (sorry for the sweeping generalizations...):
  1. Genealogy.  Seriously, ya'll have some incredible record keeping techniques.  Probably the rest of us should get on board pretty soon if we want to know who are relatives are in a couple hundred years.
  2. Dancing.  Every Mormon I've known (all 5 of them - my research methods professor is dying on the inside a little bit right now) really knew how to get down with the get down.
  3. Making really big families.  Again with the sweeping generalizations, but again the 5 Mormon's I know either have their own huge families or come from huge families.  
  4. Being Thrifty.  And here is where I should probably take a lesson from you.  I'm never giving up my coffee - but spending unnecessarily - that I should probably give up.

SP is really into documentaries lately.  Like freakishly into watching any documentary she can find on insta-watch Netflix.  (P.S. Dear Netflix, I'm pretty sure you are the reason for all things sunny and rainbowesque.  Thanks for making cable-less life wonderful!).  But to fuel the Mormon curiosity (on top of the fact that SP's family is Mormon) was this documentary.  And while I like to take all documentaries with a grain of salt (my momma told me never to believe everything I hear) it was pretty interesting (and disturbing).  Definitely brings to light the separation of church and state, and how maybe things need a little re-vamping (or maybe a lot - when can I move to Canada?)

That's all.  Life is full of boxes and cleaning supplies (the little family is MOVING), and new jobs (ack/Yay!), and new school (ack/Yay! - Go SP!), and new canine kalamities!