Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Gift of Time


This week SP and I gave ourselves a beautiful gift...the gift of more time!

And how you ask did we do that?  Well my friends, we did something I thought I would NEVER do, we hired a housekeeper. And can we talk about how insanely glorious it is to leave your house all dusty and hairy and sticky and come home to cleanliness?!  It is maybe the best money we've ever spent (except of course the money we spent on the new dishwasher...and making baby girl ;)

Seriously walking in from work to a beautifully clean house was probably the best gift we've ever been given.  I think, overall, for a couple that works 40+ hours a week and has a toddler and a smelly dog we generally do a pretty good job keeping the house tidy.  But the deep cleaning and de-griming often gets neglected in favor of instead spending time with our sweet girl...or sleeping, because let's be real, that's where any free time goes.

It's hard for me to spend money to have someone do something that I could be doing myself.  But the truth is, house maintenance, and kid care are full time jobs on top of the fact that we both already work full time jobs.  And right now we're able to spare a little bit of money each month to give ourselves just a tiny bit more breathing room. 

Anyway, so anyone out there thinking about getting a housekeeper - this is one tired mama's RINGING endorsement!

This weekend we're going camping, which means I need to get the Summer 2016 bucket list up ASAP!  It's our first camping trip with Baby Girl!  I'm excited, except it's supposed to rain...and maybe baby girl has hand foot mouth disease...mmmm more stories for another time.

Have a lovely weekend my friends!

P.s. and a picture of my sweet girly because why not :)