Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Haps!

Sooooooo long time no talksie-poo.

I know you all have been missing my nonsensical ramblings.  So sorry to deprive you.

My kiddies are here!  HEREEEE.  And by my kiddies I do of course mean 193 of my closest and most brilliant mathematician and scientist friends aged 13-17yrs.  It is kind of amazing that (give or take) 386 parents and guardians have entrusted me with their precious snowflakes for 4 weeks.  I can’t imagine my mother ever letting me leave her sight for that long when I was that age.  I also wasn’t brilliant so that might have something to do with it…

But in all reality these students blow my mind.  They are so insanely smart and talented.  They are musicians and athletes and dazzling academics.  I will tell you something, for those who doubt the future generations – I think I can say with certainty that you are wrong.  I have great hope that we can be kinder and smarter and stronger than we are now.  That we can find inventive ways to heal our planet, the problems (health and societal) that plague humanity, and ways to better use the great gifts and talents we each have.  If these are the minds we have to work with I know that we can move forward.

If by some crazy twist of fate you haven’t seen this video yet I highly recommend it.  Intriguing and inspiring.

Enough of that mushiness.

Besides the kiddies coming we have also had many many a package coming in.  24 Galileoscopes.  39 UC Davis Vet Med Lab Coats.  Albino frogs from Florida. etc etc

And these:

Smurfs?!  nope - CAKE POPS!

Creepy or Delicious?

Or Both!

What are those you ask?  Tiny bodiless people?  Oh those, my friends, are cake pop heads.  Who ever thought you should eat a tiny piece of cake in the shape of a human head was kind of a sick individual don’t you think?  Freaky and yet surprisingly sweet and delicious.  A little too sweet maybe (apparently fondant skin is a little sugary) but really not bad considering the (let's be honest) terrifying exterior. 

In other news in the past month-ish we have celebrated the following:
  • One best friendsies quarter of a century horsie riding birthday
  • One Mini nephew in-law’s baby blessing
  • One 4th of July patriotic event
  • One UC Davis COSMOS Program Opening Day
  • One “little” brother’s 22nd birthday
Tres Horse Amigos

Pancho and the other horse who's name I can't recall..

Birthday Boy!

Phewf we are so cool and fab. 

5 (approximate) weeks until So-Cal vacation!  To that I give a big Wiggity W00t!

I also have to throw a big thumbs up to the universe for this fabulous “unseasonably” cool weather.  While it may be a sign of horrendous climate change I am currently enjoying it.  (And I promise to encourage my brilliant students to look into that climate change thing…)  Another thumbs up to God, Buddha, Guardian Angels, Amazing Co-workers, Fabulous SP’s and Friends for keeping me sane during my (almost) daily panic attacks that ensued prior to and during the first week of the smart kid program.  (and lets not lie they will probably continue until all 193 of them are home safe and sound) 

Good Juju out.  Good Juju in!

Happy Tues Friends!