Saturday, February 26, 2011


Little family is off for the weekend for a little relaxing moment.  Because, lets be honest we all need it - even kori the dodo dog.  (who has not peed or pooped in the house, GIANT knocks on GIANT pieces of wood).

Just the cutest little med student ever!
The weekend started off well with a visit from a friendly face from a far away land - Ms. Dr. Ducky!  Dr. Ducky regaled us with (disturbing) medical school stories and tales of weather (snow, what's that?) and life in somewhere else.  Was so lovely to pick back up with all the friendsies!

And now we are off to see SP's sister sing in an Opera.  Yeah, like a real Opera.  Because some people are like talented and stuff.  Should be a fun/short vacation but at least its an escape, even if it only for 24hours. Maybe Kori will even give us the gift of a pee free weekend?  I can dream right?

See you later internet friends.  In my head, I'll be here this weekend...


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Orange Alert on the Stress Threat Indicator

Stress levels, they are a risin' in the house of SP y yo.

Apparently the combination of 2 crazy jobs, 1 crazy school schedule, 1 crazy dog, and too many crazy social engagements = whirlwinds of chaos.

Its funny because its like I know I can only handle so many things at one time and I know that everything will be fine and yet that does not stop the funny tight feeling in my chest from continuing to occur.

To compound the funny feelings I had the joy of going to the dentist today to get some cavities filled.  And while yes this may be due to my own lack of appropriate dental care (aka I floss my teeth about once every turquoise moon) it is still not the most super fun thing to do on a wednesday afternoon.  So after several (DOZEN) doses of novicane (seriously he had to add an extra needle of fun part way through because I was not feeling so comfortable - never had that happen before.  That's about a -4 on the fun o' meter) I'm now all cavity free and very drooly/numb.

And with that I give you the ever famous and everybody's favorite, post-dentist smile:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How we "stole" a futon and other such musings

So yesterday was a very eventful day.  

SP had class in the morning so being the good (hahahha) housewife that I am I went grocery shopping.  And boy did I go grocery shopping.  Because hey guess what, when you have absolutely NO food in the house and you go to the grocery store you sometimes go a little cray cray on the food supplies.  I also bought a cast iron skillet: sarah = happy.  I can't wait to cook a frittata or some flapjacks (because that's what one cooks in a cast iron skillet, duh!) or to hit an intruder over the head with it because that bad boy weighs 29lbs.

We then went to a lovely BBQ with good food and good friends.  Although BBQing in February in Northern CA can be tricky.  One must run outside in between rain showers to cook up the meaty delights.  And let me tell you the man manning the BBQ he knew how to make a juicy fatty burger - yum.  

On our way home from said BBQ SP and I decided that we would call about a craigslist ad for a futon - since apparently if one has a guest room they should also have a place for those guests to, oh you know, sleep, sit...overrated I think but whatever.  So we called the futon peeps and they told us someone was coming tomorrow to take it away but if we wanted to come look at it tonight we could.  So we raced over to the futon - took a look and decided that it was quite the beaut and at the right price.  So we asked them if there was any chance that they could deliver said futon to our domicile.  (For the record I asked ahead of time if delivering said futon was an option)  Futon people decided they could not move futon for us.  And then I was sad, because it really is a nice futon.  So SP being the wondrous person she is decided she would try to call someone who had a vehicle that could in fact fit the futon.  Sadly it looked as if the favor calling in wouldn't work so well.  Just as I was resigning myself to losing futy futon the sellers told me they had a guy who had moved a piece of furniture another time for them and maybe he could move little futy for us.  And that's how we met William.  William, a sketchy, scrawny, blonde, random 25ish year old with a giant truck, proceeds to put the (now in pieces) futon into his vehicle and move it to our apartment for a mere 30 bucks.  I'm not going to lie, I did have some concerns that William was going to drive away with our beautifully newly purchased futon. 

Long story short, now in our guest bedroom there is a beautiful new (to us) futon and the people who sold it to us had to call the lady they said they would hold it for and tell her they sold it - and that's as close to stealing something as I'm ever going to get...

Wanna come visit?  I have somewhere you can sleep and stuff...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my day is > your day

Super Great things about today:
  • I cried for like 3 hours yesterday and thus have that awesome feeling you get after you have cried out about 2months of stored up concerns.
  • I found a free service online that converts PDF's to Word files - Hello awesome time saving awesomeness!
  • SP and I decided to take a mini vacation at the end of the month to see her sister sing in an opera and I'm so excited to just get out of town.  And bonus I found a hotel that will let us bring dodo.  (must remember to pack pet fabreeze...)
  • Last night I was having pregnancy cravings even though I'm not pregnant and really wanted a costco hot dog and SP brought me one and it was everything I dreamed of and more!
  • THE SUN CAME OUTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (oprah's voice!)
  • The dog did not pee in the house (things you shouldn't have to be excited about but are!)
  • I smell good (w00t clinique happy)
  • I feel very productive at work and am learning new things.
  • Physically I feel about 3trillion times better.  Even if my voice sounds like a boy in the early stages of puberty.
  • I found mini luna bars at target yesterday and am currently eating one!

Things that are not So Great about today:
  • Dude I can not get warm.  Like I think I have to get those fingerless gloves to wear at work and just suck it up and look like a hobo.
  • Now that the sun is out, i want to be outside, not stuck in le cubicle
  • I need exercise something bad.  Dear rain please stop so that I can get outside and work out this weak weak body.
  • We ran out of milk this morning.  Which inevitably means we will run out of everything in about 2.5hours this evening.
  • Its not friday...
  • I really need a pedicure...ok I'm grasping now.

So all in all.  Things are things.  And apparently the weather-individuals (to be politically correct of course) were WAY off as it is a beautiful sunny 48 degrees outside right now which is a far cry from the thunderstorms they predicted.  I will enjoy the cool weather now because I know that in just a few short months I will be eating my words when its 1billion degrees.  And now I must try to get out of my post lunch coma and actually be productive again.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Bah Humbug - The Valentine Edition

Ok so I don't like Valentine's day.  Not because I'm bitter, alone and a cat lady (because I'm not! I swear) but because I think its so incredibly cheeseball all over the place to have a holiday in which you are supposed to express your love to loved ones.  Shouldn't you be doing that every single blessed day you have with them?  And not just on one predetermined day when every restaurant is booked and every red rose within a 700mile radius of your town has been bought.  Seriously this must be the worst night of the year for chef's around the world. 

Maybe I'm just a grouch.  but dude pink and red don't even go together.  And the tag lines they put in some valentine's day cards just make me want to gag.  And I think I'm kind of a romantic so if they make ME gag...they must be pretty bad.

And on top of that it's raining which does not = a fun sunshiney fabulous heart filled day to me. 

There were fireworks however today, on this blessed day of love.  Yes real live fireworks - in my microwave.  So apparently if you put a mug that has metalic design on it in the microwave what you get are slightly terrifying sparky explosions - DOH.  And that's what a masters degree will get you my friends.

Also today I have 5 beverage containers on my desk.  Count em' 5!  And not one of them contain caffeine (unless theraful has caffeine?).  How's that for hydration? eh? eh?

My strain of the plague seems to be doing better today.  That and the fact that SP let me sleep for 3 (billion) glorious hours on the couch yesterday AND let me sleep in this morning while she took care of the (idiot) dog.  And while I'm pretty sure I could actually sleep for another year and half like Rumpelstiltskin I feel so insanely better I'm kind of giddy about it.  Like this day would never come - man I have no faith in my immune system.

And with that I leave you with a pink and sparkly rainbow of joy!  Hope your Valentine's day is everything you want it to be!  Try not to throw up on your own shoes while reading the cheesetacular card your loved one got you!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Nothing like getting worse when you thinking you are getting better.  I feel like I’m stuck in that weird place you sometimes get into when you take a nap and then you wake up several hours later at night and you are really disoriented about what time it is and where you are.  Brain = muy foggy.  I guess several pints of snot taking up the space where your brain is supposed to be makes what’s left of your brain not work as well.

Last night was date night with the girls – we cuted up and went to see an acappella show.  What’s that you say?  Oh yes I said an acappella show and it was fabulous.  The groups were generally incredibly talented and very enthusiastic and sang some great songs.  Made me wish I could carry any kind of tune.

On a completely different note – has anybody else tried out the new “Trenta” size at Starbucks – aka the superbiggulp de starbucks.  And while I am an avid fan of the bucks this cup is RIDICULOUS.  It is literally the size of my head.  See me and SP below measuring up.  I don’t think I can take myself seriously carrying around a cup that size…

Back to my Theraflu coma…

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ode to Theraflu

Dear Theraflu, your warm fruity medicated goodness is so very soothing and is the only thing keeping me breathing at this time.  While I am forced to drink you at a far too rapid rate I still appreciate the way you coat my throat and immediately hit my bloodstream filling me full of the perfect concoction of antihistamines and pain relievers.  Oh Theraflu, I’m so grateful that SP makes me drink you even though I’m a whiny b*otch.

Theraflu you always come to the rescue even when in the beginning I feel just a tiny eensie scratchy throat and then am suddenly hit with the mac daddy of all cold like symptoms out of nowhere.  Like all of a sudden, dear Theraflu, I’m sitting in the dentist chair and I just have a slightly more scratchy throat, and then, oh lovely Theraflu just a few short hours later I’m ready to pass out, can no longer breathe even partially through either nostril and have a throat burning with the fire of a thousand suns. 

So Theraflu, even though you put me into a post medicated state of euphoria that I know is false and will only make me feel slightly better for a short period of time, I am still thankful for you dear Theraflu.

All my love – Sarah’s very sick throat.

P.S. a little (ok a lot) o’ love to SP who is lovely and kind and a great drug pusher even when I’m sick and whiny and fighting her all over the place.  Muah!

Monday, February 7, 2011

To bib or not to bib?

So I have this problem.  (ok I have a lot of problems but there is one on my mind right at this precise moment, thanks for rubbing it in)

I'm really tired a lot.  and some of you will say that its because I wake up at 4am on a semi-regular basis (on purpose you ask - HEAVENS NO!) but honestly I don't think it is that.  I sleep plenty most of the time, either naturally or in a nyquill induced coma so deep a herd of wild hippos could not rouse me.  Usually in the mornings I'm pretty chipper and ready to go but about half way through the day I just want to lay my pretty little head down on my desk and pass out.  Nearly every single day I fantasize about lying down or being in my bed or about what it would feel like to not be tired 94% of the time. I don't know if it is due to my lack of anything even resembling exercise these days or if there is something wrong with my body (and or brain) that is making me feel unnaturally tired-ish.  How do you know if what you are feeling is unnatural?  There's nothing to gauge it against.

And on to something completely different. Today I learned how to wipe a hard drive and that I can't add (ha, like we didn't already know that), and that I work with really nice people who do not judge me despite the fact that I have no clue what I'm doing most of the time - or if they are judging me they are doing a really good job of hiding it from me...

Also last night I tried to catch a knife that I dropped.  Why you ask?  I wish I knew.  Its like your brain knows you should not try to grab a sharp falling object but it also thinks in the moment - thing falling to ground stick out hand.  Luckily for me I'm terrible at catching and therefore only sheared off a little bit of skin.  Yummy.

I think the dog has cold tail.  Don't know what cold tail is - hey I didn't either, until I read this.  She also has this weird skin thing on her face.  yeah don't even get me started...  We do think we have solved the mystery of her peeing all over the spare room though.  Sadly that room already had the gorgeous smell of cat urine baked into the floor and walls, so our hypothesis is that she is trying to cover up that smell with her own, fabulous pee-licious scent.  Thanks Kori!  If we keep her out of the spare bedroom - no accidents.  So on the to-do list - carpet clean the spare room and then airfreshen the ever loving crap out of it.

Also I can't stop spilling food and/or beverages on myself.  Tre unprofessional.  More unprofessional than wearing a bib at work though?  Questionable.

SP bought me a delectable heath bar dessert tonight
- this one I managed to keep in my mouth (Thanks Rick's Diner!)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why I couldn't be a pioneer...

Oh my gosh you guys you will never guess where I’m writing this beautiful entry from?!  MY COUCH!  But the best news of the day - HEAT.  Dear sweet lord of all things great and warm, thank you for Ron the PG&E man (is his name really Ron? i don't know) who did unmentionable (against OSHA) things to get our heat on for us thursday night.  So Ron (if that is your name) this happy juju in the universe is for you!  And that’s called getting the modern conveniences (aka a little piece of heaven) into your apartment people.

And while I write this I’m watching all 40inches of my beautiful new flat screen.  Happy moving present to us!  W00t.  And on that television there is some trashy cable television and a most fabulous DVR to record every trashy program I can get my hands on.  (SP has already been exposed to the glory that is teen mom on MTV – oh brain rot I feel you coming back!)

It doesn't look pretty here but I promise you it is!  (and that's a little NCIS for your Saturday!)

And soon the beauty will be on that blank wall to the left there
 above the fireplace (oh yes I said FIREPLACE!)
Weekends are really the best.  Except that I don’t actually sleep more on the weekends and I don’t know why.  I wish I did because sweet jesus christo (say that with a latino accent) this waking up at 4am thing is KILLING me.  Speaking of killing, dodo the dog not only peed AGAIN but she also puked this morning – happy moving present to me love puppy.  I’m pretty sure that we are keeping the makers of pet fabreeze in business.

This crazy place is starting to become liveable though.  I mean the whole having heat thing really made me like it here.  Oh and I’ve now used the dishwasher twice – I’m sorry but there is nothing more glorious than opening that little white door to a cave of clean dishes - joy squared.

And this my friends is what the 8th circle of hell looks like - Moving!

What the living room looked like a week ago - Oh hey that's me and Dodo's Bum!
How in the world do we have THIS much stuff?

The kitchen is huge when it's not covered in JUNK!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A letter to my furry not the dustball under the bed

Dearest Puplet

While the carpet in the spare bedroom where you sleep may be easily mistaken for the outside world, as it is the color of dirt (can dogs even see color?...I don't think so), it is not in fact outside.  Please do not use it to do your business.  Instead if you would be ever so kind as to HOLD IT until you are actually outside your moms would really (REALLY) appreciate that.  And while waking up to the smell of fresh fecal matter or stepping in a hot puddle are truly lovely experiences they are not ones we would like to repeat.

We do love you despite your special quirks (FREAKY HABITS AND MALADIES) but you are testing our ever loving patience.

Love Forever and Always,
Yours Truly and SP!

Damn - you are cute though!  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eating my feet, Wednesdays, and My Hair (Oh Vanity)

And now a magical treat - Me putting my foot in my mouth

Dearest friends and lovahs

In my previous post I in no way meant to intend that I do not like mormons in any way.  While i may not agree with everything that the religion suggests I do not dislike mormon people in any way shape or form.  In fact I am very much an admirer of anyone with strong religious/spiritual convictions - whatever they may be.  And if you are doing your best to make things good and whole and happy for yourself and others than more power to you.  And there are obviously some places where we must agree to disagree and that is fine.  And there are some places where others make me very angry by their beliefs and choices but alas this place we live in is founded on a tenant that we get to believe what we like.

So what I'm saying is I'm a lover not a hater.  Be good to each other.  That's all I ask.  Phew.  I feel better already.

I do not feel warmer however because hey, guess what?  We still don't have heat.  I also seem to have lost the ability to warm my own body - as in I can never seem to get all the way warm.  (oh I know I'll take a bath to warm up...hahah too bad the tub leaks!)  The part of me that is practicing gratitude would be grateful that we live in a place that is not experiencing snowmaggedon right now.  Like at least we can physically survive the night without heat unlike some others.  But dude, moving kinda blows.  Somebody may or may not have melted down on SP this morning...I suck at Resolutions.  While I know rationally that it is not SP's fault that I can not find my pink sweater in the monstrous mountain of clothing that is growing arms in the corner of our room, the clutter induced frenzy that my brain is in somehow makes it her fault.  Or not even her fault, just makes her the whipping "boy" in the bad situation. 


Let's talk about Wednesday.  And the fact that it is one of the better days of the week because we are in the home stretch towards the weekend.  And it has an odd number of letters.  And its the longest.  I just like it.  The downside of wednesday you ask?  It is inevitably my worst hair day.  Why you ask?  (ok you probably didn't ask you probably said, shut up, why am I even reading this crappola?!  But it is my rambling blog and I will tell you if I want to).  The truth is I don't shower every day.  GASP oh my heavens no.  What do you mean you don't shower every day? How unsanitary in this modern era of cleanliness and health.  Whatever look it comes down to a few factors:
  • I'm too lazy to shower every day
  • I'm too tired to shower every day
  • 2nd day hair always looks better than 1st day hair
  • I actually do believe it is better for my hair and skin to not wash it every day.
The problem with wednesday is it is often day 3 that I have not showered.  And thusly we are now entering gross-dom.  Yes I know this.  But guess what?  getting myself to work not naked is goal number one in the morning (with coffee obvs!)  So the hair is generally last priority and gets thrown into some version of the greasy pony tail.  Sometimes I pull the bangs back with bobby pins and sometimes I braid them back.  But pretty much wednesday = greasy ponytail.  And that's probably more about my luscious locks than you ever wanted to know.

And I know there are no pictures, but I have no interwebs at palace until the weekend so tough nubbins peeps.  Tough NUBBINS.

Until then, read this because it is my dog - and this girl is HILARIOUS!

Love love love.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wherin I make commitments I will actually try to keep...

My "the year has already started but I'm making resolutions anyway" Resolutions:
  1. Make sure dodo gets outside every flippin day.  And not just on the patio.  But like engaged in physical activity.  Because poor little cooped up dodo dog needs to stretch her adorable muscles.
  2. Be kind to my self.  Be happy with the healthy, functional (although unique) body the good lord gave me.  Treat body kindly too (like with the good foods and exercising).
  3. Be more gentle with SP.  Sometimes yours truly has emotional explosions wherein she holds in all feelings for weeks and then explodes all over SP.  Seriously though, kind words to self and others.
  4. Drink more water.  What happened to me?  I used to be the most freakishly hydrated person on the planet.  Now I find myself getting to 3pm and realizing all I've had in a day is coffee and diet coke.  This can not be so good for the healthyosity.
  5. Practice gratitude.  I can be cranky sometimes or unhappy (because I think all feelings are important) but I need to focus more on the really wonderful things I have in my life.  Like stable, loving relationships, and food, and shelter, and dodo the dog, and a good job (you get the idea)
I think that's all for now.  I like odd numbers so 5 is good for now, it is odd and less than 10 and so doesn't feel too overwhelming (anybody can do 5 resolutions right?)

In other news I have given into the slippery slope leading straight to hell and ordered cable.  I like to pretend it's so I can watch the news and be informed about the world but lets be honest, its so I can watch GLEE the day it comes out and reruns of gilmore girls (Oh SP you're in for a treat!), and cake challenges and other such trashy things on TLC.  (and I got the DVR - how naughty am I?!)

Also Valentine's day is around the corner.  I don't know how I feel about the holiday in general.  I'm for love.  And I'm for sparkles (because I am the magpie my mother made me).  But I'm not sure I'm for manufactured love holidays or so much pink and red together.  That being said I should probably still do something for SP.  Something unrelated to appliances or tools, although I swear that is all she ever wants for presents!

I promise real apartment pictures soon.  Although palace (aka apt) looks still a little bit like a bomb went off inside of it despite 17 million hours of unpacking last weekend.  Good news - one bathroom leak fixed! (2 to go?)

Lunch break technically ended 2mins ago.  Back to le grind.

Love, yours truly!