Saturday, February 26, 2011


Little family is off for the weekend for a little relaxing moment.  Because, lets be honest we all need it - even kori the dodo dog.  (who has not peed or pooped in the house, GIANT knocks on GIANT pieces of wood).

Just the cutest little med student ever!
The weekend started off well with a visit from a friendly face from a far away land - Ms. Dr. Ducky!  Dr. Ducky regaled us with (disturbing) medical school stories and tales of weather (snow, what's that?) and life in somewhere else.  Was so lovely to pick back up with all the friendsies!

And now we are off to see SP's sister sing in an Opera.  Yeah, like a real Opera.  Because some people are like talented and stuff.  Should be a fun/short vacation but at least its an escape, even if it only for 24hours. Maybe Kori will even give us the gift of a pee free weekend?  I can dream right?

See you later internet friends.  In my head, I'll be here this weekend...


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