Sunday, February 20, 2011

How we "stole" a futon and other such musings

So yesterday was a very eventful day.  

SP had class in the morning so being the good (hahahha) housewife that I am I went grocery shopping.  And boy did I go grocery shopping.  Because hey guess what, when you have absolutely NO food in the house and you go to the grocery store you sometimes go a little cray cray on the food supplies.  I also bought a cast iron skillet: sarah = happy.  I can't wait to cook a frittata or some flapjacks (because that's what one cooks in a cast iron skillet, duh!) or to hit an intruder over the head with it because that bad boy weighs 29lbs.

We then went to a lovely BBQ with good food and good friends.  Although BBQing in February in Northern CA can be tricky.  One must run outside in between rain showers to cook up the meaty delights.  And let me tell you the man manning the BBQ he knew how to make a juicy fatty burger - yum.  

On our way home from said BBQ SP and I decided that we would call about a craigslist ad for a futon - since apparently if one has a guest room they should also have a place for those guests to, oh you know, sleep, sit...overrated I think but whatever.  So we called the futon peeps and they told us someone was coming tomorrow to take it away but if we wanted to come look at it tonight we could.  So we raced over to the futon - took a look and decided that it was quite the beaut and at the right price.  So we asked them if there was any chance that they could deliver said futon to our domicile.  (For the record I asked ahead of time if delivering said futon was an option)  Futon people decided they could not move futon for us.  And then I was sad, because it really is a nice futon.  So SP being the wondrous person she is decided she would try to call someone who had a vehicle that could in fact fit the futon.  Sadly it looked as if the favor calling in wouldn't work so well.  Just as I was resigning myself to losing futy futon the sellers told me they had a guy who had moved a piece of furniture another time for them and maybe he could move little futy for us.  And that's how we met William.  William, a sketchy, scrawny, blonde, random 25ish year old with a giant truck, proceeds to put the (now in pieces) futon into his vehicle and move it to our apartment for a mere 30 bucks.  I'm not going to lie, I did have some concerns that William was going to drive away with our beautifully newly purchased futon. 

Long story short, now in our guest bedroom there is a beautiful new (to us) futon and the people who sold it to us had to call the lady they said they would hold it for and tell her they sold it - and that's as close to stealing something as I'm ever going to get...

Wanna come visit?  I have somewhere you can sleep and stuff...

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