Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wherin I make commitments I will actually try to keep...

My "the year has already started but I'm making resolutions anyway" Resolutions:
  1. Make sure dodo gets outside every flippin day.  And not just on the patio.  But like engaged in physical activity.  Because poor little cooped up dodo dog needs to stretch her adorable muscles.
  2. Be kind to my self.  Be happy with the healthy, functional (although unique) body the good lord gave me.  Treat body kindly too (like with the good foods and exercising).
  3. Be more gentle with SP.  Sometimes yours truly has emotional explosions wherein she holds in all feelings for weeks and then explodes all over SP.  Seriously though, kind words to self and others.
  4. Drink more water.  What happened to me?  I used to be the most freakishly hydrated person on the planet.  Now I find myself getting to 3pm and realizing all I've had in a day is coffee and diet coke.  This can not be so good for the healthyosity.
  5. Practice gratitude.  I can be cranky sometimes or unhappy (because I think all feelings are important) but I need to focus more on the really wonderful things I have in my life.  Like stable, loving relationships, and food, and shelter, and dodo the dog, and a good job (you get the idea)
I think that's all for now.  I like odd numbers so 5 is good for now, it is odd and less than 10 and so doesn't feel too overwhelming (anybody can do 5 resolutions right?)

In other news I have given into the slippery slope leading straight to hell and ordered cable.  I like to pretend it's so I can watch the news and be informed about the world but lets be honest, its so I can watch GLEE the day it comes out and reruns of gilmore girls (Oh SP you're in for a treat!), and cake challenges and other such trashy things on TLC.  (and I got the DVR - how naughty am I?!)

Also Valentine's day is around the corner.  I don't know how I feel about the holiday in general.  I'm for love.  And I'm for sparkles (because I am the magpie my mother made me).  But I'm not sure I'm for manufactured love holidays or so much pink and red together.  That being said I should probably still do something for SP.  Something unrelated to appliances or tools, although I swear that is all she ever wants for presents!

I promise real apartment pictures soon.  Although palace (aka apt) looks still a little bit like a bomb went off inside of it despite 17 million hours of unpacking last weekend.  Good news - one bathroom leak fixed! (2 to go?)

Lunch break technically ended 2mins ago.  Back to le grind.

Love, yours truly!

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