Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my day is > your day

Super Great things about today:
  • I cried for like 3 hours yesterday and thus have that awesome feeling you get after you have cried out about 2months of stored up concerns.
  • I found a free service online that converts PDF's to Word files - Hello awesome time saving awesomeness!
  • SP and I decided to take a mini vacation at the end of the month to see her sister sing in an opera and I'm so excited to just get out of town.  And bonus I found a hotel that will let us bring dodo.  (must remember to pack pet fabreeze...)
  • Last night I was having pregnancy cravings even though I'm not pregnant and really wanted a costco hot dog and SP brought me one and it was everything I dreamed of and more!
  • THE SUN CAME OUTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (oprah's voice!)
  • The dog did not pee in the house (things you shouldn't have to be excited about but are!)
  • I smell good (w00t clinique happy)
  • I feel very productive at work and am learning new things.
  • Physically I feel about 3trillion times better.  Even if my voice sounds like a boy in the early stages of puberty.
  • I found mini luna bars at target yesterday and am currently eating one!

Things that are not So Great about today:
  • Dude I can not get warm.  Like I think I have to get those fingerless gloves to wear at work and just suck it up and look like a hobo.
  • Now that the sun is out, i want to be outside, not stuck in le cubicle
  • I need exercise something bad.  Dear rain please stop so that I can get outside and work out this weak weak body.
  • We ran out of milk this morning.  Which inevitably means we will run out of everything in about 2.5hours this evening.
  • Its not friday...
  • I really need a pedicure...ok I'm grasping now.

So all in all.  Things are things.  And apparently the weather-individuals (to be politically correct of course) were WAY off as it is a beautiful sunny 48 degrees outside right now which is a far cry from the thunderstorms they predicted.  I will enjoy the cool weather now because I know that in just a few short months I will be eating my words when its 1billion degrees.  And now I must try to get out of my post lunch coma and actually be productive again.


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