Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Orange Alert on the Stress Threat Indicator

Stress levels, they are a risin' in the house of SP y yo.

Apparently the combination of 2 crazy jobs, 1 crazy school schedule, 1 crazy dog, and too many crazy social engagements = whirlwinds of chaos.

Its funny because its like I know I can only handle so many things at one time and I know that everything will be fine and yet that does not stop the funny tight feeling in my chest from continuing to occur.

To compound the funny feelings I had the joy of going to the dentist today to get some cavities filled.  And while yes this may be due to my own lack of appropriate dental care (aka I floss my teeth about once every turquoise moon) it is still not the most super fun thing to do on a wednesday afternoon.  So after several (DOZEN) doses of novicane (seriously he had to add an extra needle of fun part way through because I was not feeling so comfortable - never had that happen before.  That's about a -4 on the fun o' meter) I'm now all cavity free and very drooly/numb.

And with that I give you the ever famous and everybody's favorite, post-dentist smile:

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