Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Renaissance and a New Baby, huzzah!

So last weekend we went to the Renaissance faire because SP had never been to one before (what?!).  I'm sorry to report we did not dress up - actually I'm not sorry because you know how I feel about dressing up in general (negatively, in case you don't know for some reason)

A renaissancey good time was had by all.  We ate some fish and chips, we watched some jousting, we looked at some wares and mostly marveled at the amazing costumes and the effort to which some people go to recreate the Renaissancey feel (its a lot)  And I'm still trying to figure out how to use my new camera so this was a perfect excuse to work on that...

My favorite part of the faire however was the GIANT rocking horses. I mean really, this is some genius renaissancey carnival rides.  Love it.

And late last saturday night my newest neice was born.  So this week we went down there to enjoy some time snuggling the new addition and hanging out with her big brother and her crazy parents.  Oh my aching ovaries!

Up next..fall fall and a little bit more FALL!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Life According to Crappy Iphone pictures!

So not a whole heck of a lot to report these days which maybe is a good thing after crazy September.  

Been doing a lot of this:

 We also saw this:

Spent a morning in the mountains - BEAUTIFUL!  I love Fall :) 

One baby brother tore his!  So we spent a day helping him clean up his apartment and get groceries - things that become much harder on crutches and without a car.   

I've also got the cooking bug again:
Broccoli cheese soup and roasted potatoes - mmmm!

SP's creation - Apple pie wontons! OMG

And a little bit of this

And my face...obviously.

It's still getting into the mid 80's around these parts.  I'm really done with that non-sense. Especially since it's COLD in the morning and then I'm sweating to death in my cute tights and boots by the end of the day.  Come on mother nature - bring on the true Fall-ness.

There's some good stuff in the future though - Apple Orchards, Babies are coming (one probably today! One probably early next week!  Yay!) and then finally some thanksgiving goodness.  And there will be some pumpkin in my future come hell or high water.

Hope your Fall's are shaping up just as well!


Friday, October 4, 2013

When September Pulled A Disappearing Act

Dudes.  Did you know that it's October.  In fact it's like a real week into October even. September came and went in a whirlwind of crazy crazy activities.  And so here I shall re-cap (what I can remember).  So strap in people, because this is going to be a long one...

The first weekend in September was our 1 year wedding anniversary (the first wedding, the real one!)  We decided to go on a short vacation just to get away and spend some time alone (with crazy dog in tow...of course)

The next weekend we went to Utah!  Oh yes, you read that right - because Utah is the vacation destination of the stars.  But really, we went to Utah for SP's cousin's wedding.  It was a pretty intense meet-the-entire-extended-family-in-one-fell-swoop sort of moment for me.  But it was nice, and everybody was really sweet.  And one thing Utah has going for it (to partially negate the fact that grocery stores don't sell liquor...what?!) it is really really beautiful in Utah.  Like stunningly gorgeous (at least where we were near Salt Lake City - I suppose I can't speak for the whole state but I have a sneaking suspicion the whole state is beautiful as well).  We got into town on Friday, hung out in the hotel and went to a family dinner.  On Saturday we walked all around Salt Lake City - we saw the Mormon Temple (aka the castle), an AMAZING Catholic Church, and the state capital. And then of course...we went to a beautiful wedding!

This should be everyone's response to getting married!
Cutie niece and nephews

My gorgeous sister in law
The extended SP fam bam
 The SALT FLATS!  Super cool reflecty awesome.

The next weekend included a 6 year old's birthday.  It involved a lot of ninja's, pizza and s'mores.  So basically it was my dream birthday.   I, however, took no pictures.  Probably on account of the fact that it was dark, s'more making time.

The final weekend of September we celebrated SP's niece's baptism.  A lovely day, celebrating a beautiful little girl!  I don't have any pictures of the ceremony, as it was private and touching, but these are from the yummy lunch we had afterwards.

 Baptism and Birthday presents!  8!
Daughter, Mother, Grandma.
Little stinker Newphew

Grandma and her grandbabies

And then my friends it was October.  And I can't even tell you how happy I was to see that month change and to see my weekends clear up.  It's finally cooling down too (it was only 80degrees today!)  I'm pretty sure boots, scarves, coats, apples, cinnamon, and pumpkins are in my future.  And I just can't wait!

Happy all things Autumn my friends!