Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saltwater babyyyyy

Sometimes I drink, like, gallons of crystal light.  No joke i'm ingesting at least a liter a day...if not more.  Sometimes I think about what all of those crystal light chemicals are doing to my insides.  And then I think about how much broccoli I consume and I don't even worry about the chemicals.  Everybody knows that broccoli kills cancer.  Just ask George Carlin...

In other news: I SURVIVED!

All 193 students are home and alive and well and I don't care how they are because they are not my responsibility anymore.  And I haven't even received any hate mail or angry parent phone calls etc.  And there are murmurings of keeping me on for another year (and forever!!!!^googleplex).  Please pray for the CA budget so that I can keep my job which I love/hate.  Being asked to continue employment (and being assured that my boss "has absolutely no interest in hiring anyone else") was a pretty great compliment I have to say.  Apparently hard work REALLY does pay off...who knew...

On Sunday after the program ended SP took me to the beach.  It was glorious.  We let kook a dook dog run around and swim in the ocean.  She's kind of a beach/dog freak.  She's like a hyper 2 year old at the beach running around all crazy time and eating sticks and crying at/running to every dog within a 100 yard radius (people love that as you can imagine).  We ate lunch at this cute little cafe overlooking the ocean.  I inhaled burger and fries and fish tacos and mimosas and it was fabulous.  Then SP and I laid on the beach and took a deep breath.  And I remembered what it felt like to not worry about work every minute of every single day.  And it was good. 

Lunch was oh so fresh

And in 7 days I will do it all again.  7 days until vacation in so-cal with the parentals and SP!  We are leaving babydog in the capable care of our friends.  It will be the longest we have ever left her.  I am concerned about it, no lie.  She is very quirky.  And does anybody know how to love her better than me?  I think not... But it will be good to get away from here.  And hibernate.  See some old friends.  Eat some mexican food.  Take a few walks/jogs on the beach.  Enjoy the salty air and my mom's hugs and my dad's chuckly laughter.  I can't wait to see the flowers in the backyard and the ever growing/freaky shrine to the Virgin Mary that mom is eternally working on.  I can't wait for disneyland and reading books and sleeping in (please God, PLEASE reset my internal clock!)  I want to watch movies and go to the wild animal park and do nothing.  I can't wait to turn off the email and the work anxiety and just be.  Just be me with SP.  and the sunshine. 

I'm very lucky I've realized lately.  SP and I are coming to a place in our lives where things are pretty stable.  Where we can save and grow and build our lives.  Its comforting.  It's exciting.  It's weird.  Not like either of us was ever selling our blood for money or anything, but its nice to feel like we can buy vegetables instead of top ramen...This isn't coming out right.  I'm feeling blessed.  and grateful.  That's the moral of this story.

We are in the planning stages for what we are fondly referring to as "The Party About Love"  Suggestions welcome, nothing guaranteed.  (except good food, and sparklers - SP demands sparklers!)

Also I'm pretty much obsessed with THIS song right now.  Yum.

Wishing you sunshine and salt water!