Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dear Baby Girl - Vol. 2

Dear Baby Girl,

It's been awhile since I wrote to you - sorry about that.  It turns out that you take up A LOT of my time.  And yet there is never enough.  There is never enough time to snuggle you, or play with you or hold you.  I don't even mind changing your diapers all the time because it's another few mins we get to hang out.  And you always laugh as you wiggle around and try to eat your feet.

You're almost 7 months now sweet heart and I can't believe it.  You are one big baby girl - 17lbs 5oz at your last check up and your'e in the 98th percentile for height - you are going to be one tall chica! You're eating up a storm these days. Although every time we introduce a new food you definitely think we're trying to poison you. I know mashed peas taste like crap baby but apparently this is the kind of stuff we're supposed to expose you to. The faces you make when you try something new are the absolute best, most hysterical things I've ever seen. I especially like when you pretend like you're gagging. You've decided some food isn't poisonous though - sweet potatoes and carrots seem to be on the acceptable list.  Banana is borderline.  Peas are definitely a no-go.  You'd really prefer to feed yourself and I think you don't like mashed foods so we are toying with the idea of "baby led-weaning." Mama however is really terrified of you we'll see how that progresses. 

You've also most definitely found your voice these days.  Mom calls you a baby pterodactyl. I love to hear your babbling and shrieking,  You only say mamamama when you are mad so I'm not so sure we can count it as your first word.  Sometimes you scream so loud that the poor dog cowers or cries.  When you wake up in the morning or after a nap you just babble away until someone comes to get you.  Most of the time you are a very low key baby (things you should never type out 101).  You play by yourself, you let us snuggle you up, and you are smiling like a big old cheese ball these days.

Lucky for you Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for a week recently.  Youre Uncle also came to play with you.  You were the center of attention for 1 whole week and you ate it up.  You loved reading books with grandpa and cheesin at grandma.  And you love to pull uncle's hair and grab his nose and feel his beard.  And they all seem pretty smitten with you too.  Although grandma and grandpa keep telling us how lucky we are that you're so good natured...I don't know, I think we can take some credit for that can't we?! ;)

I love you so much baby girl, I can't even believe it.  How can my heart possibly take any more? Every day is a new and beautiful discovery for you.  The smallest things are funny or interesting to you - thank you for giving us that window into this wondrous world we live in.  Your mom and I, we just can't believe we are lucky enough that you chose us to be your parents.  Thanks for making us an even more beautiful family!


Grandpa and Grandma and Baby Bean!