Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunshine happy time palooza.

Apparently I'm really into paloozas lately.

And cooking.  Domesticity I am thy mistress.  But seriously, I'm no chef.  However lately I have the inner yearnings to be one.  Like one of those people that can whip up something insanely delectable.  Unfortunately my dire need for immediate food satisfaction has been killing my inner chef lately and has been resulting in SP and I eating things like instant couscous and frozen green beans for dinner.  What did people do prior to frozen foods?  And microwaves?  Holy Moly.  Reason number 3,000 why I couldn't be a pioneer.

#2 great thing of the day.  The apartment manager (finally, but who's counting the DAYS) came and installed a screen door to our porch and (supposedly) fixed our tub so that it won't leak anymore.  This would mean that nothing in our bathroom leaks which would be a glorious gift from drought gods, but I'm not holding my breath on that front.

Also apparently we have a lovely 3 day weekend rapidly approaching and one of us (MEMEMEMEME!) is very excited about that prospect.  And the fact that by some miracle of miracles SP and I do not have 99 trillion plans this weekend (maybe I should throw a "yet" on there for good measure).  I am very much looking for some hibernation time - ie i think there should probably be about 24 hours where I do not remove my pajamas, but we'll see.

In the meantime, hanging out with the animales - king louie (the second) at work and destructor at home. 

King Louie Part II

See some of her awesome work from last friday below.

Nothing like getting home from work to THIS!

And then I counted a roll of quarters to make sure dodo did not eat all of them - 10bucks retrieved, phew!

And with that - outsies!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Palooza I Can Really Get Behind

I don't know these people, but clearly this guy knows a good sandwich!

Disclaimer.  I am going to whine.  You've been warned.

Ok so here's what's happening.  Everything.  That's the problem.  There is no down time because there are always 99 activities occurring simultaneously.  This = Very tired very cranky Sarah.  Not to mention that dogbert has now peed in the house 2 times since we returned home from the bro's graduation festivities this weekend (Yay Dan - who will never see this as he is currently celebrating his super awesome graduation from UC Berkley with a 2 week trip to Korea!  but none the less - Congrats!)

And now I have to say something about the idiot drivers on the way to work.  Why do people have to slam on the breaks?  I have actually nearly died 2 times in the last 3 days.  Praise buddha for the big shoulder on the side of the freeway or I definitely would have been rear ended by someone going 85mph.  Seriously, I don't understand.  Why do we go from 85mph to 40mph in 1 min.  Did something jump across 4 lanes of traffic causing you to slam on your breaks?  Did you just wake up and realize that you are driving a car and there is in fact a car in front of you?  Moderate driving people.  Lets all try it together.

In better news.  I joined the gym.  Which sounds like crappy news (because really wouldn't everybody just rather sit on the couch and eat ice cream) but is actually good news because now I am killing myself just a little bit slower. ;)  Although I have to say going from doing nearly nothing to doing a 45min spin class may not have been the best idea.  And despite the considerable amount of padding on le booty, it did not like that bike seat - ouch.  But I feel good.  And I think working out at lunch is a good option for the girl who can't seem to get up in the morning and doesn't want to work out in the 800 degree heat after work.

In case you hadn't noticed it is actually graduation palooza right now.  So in order to take part in said palooza - SP and I will be attending our second graduation of the season this coming Saturday.  This one is for my bestie best friend Ms. Denks - who will be completing a Masters in Public Health and is then planning to save the world.  Glad somebody is because god knows you are going to find me sitting on the couch eating ice cream.  Ironically her graduation falls on the day the world is going to end according to the giant billboards on my way to work.  All I ask is that it ends after the delicious lunch we are supposed to have.

It is also BABY PALOOZA.  This is a palooza I can really get behind.  If you know me you know I love me some babies.  I'm trying not to bug SP too much about having some of our own right now (because it really is not a good time with her still being in school and us being poor and all that) but its hard when I feel like the WHOLE world is pregnant.  One friend from school just had her little yum yum 2 weeks ago and she looks gorgeous and edible.  And SP's brother is having a baby (well his wife is having the baby but you get the idea) and pretty sure that little dude is coming any day now.  And SP's sister is preggo le eggo too.  And one of my favorite coworkers is also a few months into the baby baking.  Hopefully I can borrow some babies soon.  And some little people because I really do like when they walk and talk and stuff.  And despite the picture above I do not eat them - but I get pretty close. 

I don't know where this post is going.  Probably nowhere (just like me?)  So now I will end it.  And hopefully someday I will put up some pics for your people to see.  But I'm not making any promises cause clearly I don't keep em!

Happy Thursday Lovelies.