Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Life is going a million miles a minute.  I've been super successful with some of my March goals and not so much with know like the whole blogging once a week thing.

But my teeth are getting brushed more often than not.  And I'm reading more often.  And I'm trying to take the breaths when I wake up in the morning (after I hit snooze...for you HOUR!)

The one I'm faithfully doing is my line a day journal.  I really love it.  If nothing else I spend 2 mins each day reflecting on how things went.  For the most part the memories that come up quickly, the words I want to put in that tiny space, are good.  Which I think really says something about my life and how much I need to CHILL THE F OUT.  Although we all know I've never been good at that.

In that same vein - I finally scheduled a counseling appointment.  It's good because I feel the anxiety creeping around me these days. It really seems to come up with the whole not sleeping and having a million things on the to-do list situation.  And there are some things that I need some coaching on.  And really don't we all feel better when we can just vent to a confidential neutral source?!

On a completely different note, baby boy turned 9mos the other day!  He is a joy.  They both are really.  His big sister is full of sass and laughs and personality.  She is essentially over the potty training hump (praise the lord).  And we're looking into preschool for the fall (boo hoo - where did my baby go?!)
My house is a mess and I can't get anything done on time.  But we're (mostly) happy, (mostly) clean, and (mostly) I guess I can't complain too much.

More soon.  I hope.  No promises ;)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

March-ing On ;)

So my (ever evolving plan) is to make a few attainable goals on the 1st of each month, starting RIGHT NOW!  Because isn't now the best time to start?!

And to help keep myself accountable and to further show that we're all just getting by (aka I'm the conductor of the hot mess express...) I'm going to go ahead put them right here and just air all my dirty laundry (which with 2 a lot!)

March Goals:
  • Line a day Journal - just for fun
  • Make a counseling appointment - because life is stressful, and we all need tune ups, and because I need to start walking the walk
  • 3 deep breaths in the AM - I want the first thing I do in the morning to NOT be pick up my phone.  But instead just notice that I'm alive and well.
  • 5 mins of reading a day - because I'm reading a fabulous book.  And reading makes me happy.
  • 1 blog per week - because yeah...
  • Brush my teeth in the PM - Because we're being real here and sometimes I literally forget to brush my teeth...that's how my brain is right now...
Hope ya'll are well out there! 


PS: Unrelated photo of my children because...cute!