NSFAQ (Not So Frequently Asked Questions)

How did you and SP Meet?
Embarrassingly we met on Craigslist.  I would definitely not recommend Craigslist to find your future love, it worked for us but I think it was fate and not Craigslist.  That being said I'm a champion for online dating!  Get online!  Find somebody fabulous.

Are you and SP Religious?
SP was raised Mormon.  I was raised Catholic.  I won't say much about SP's experience but suffice to say Mormonism didn't end up fitting with her beliefs and lifestyle.  I on the other hand loved being a part of the Catholic Church and it is something I still struggle with to this day (more to come on that topic).  SP and I both believe in something larger than ourselves, we're not sure what to name it right now (the universe, God, the goodness of human kind).  We occasionally attend a local Methodist church that is very socially justice oriented and dedicated to "All means All!"  If you are gay and Christian and looking for an accepting church I would start here: Gaychruch.org Contrary to popular belief, not all Christians hate you.  Not all just tolerate you.  Some churches recognize your divine right to be just as your God designed you to be and celebrate that.

Who is Crazy the Dog?
Kori-Ann is our shelter rescue pup.  She is just about 3.5 years old and we've had her since she was about 11 months old.  We think she is a Basenji/American Dingo mix.  She has a lot of problems because she was abused and abandoned before we got her.  She's a little crazy but she has brought such joy to our lives.  Please adopt before you buy!

How did you and SP come out?
Let me start by saying that coming out never ends.  And I feel like it never will.  Some day I will get SP to tell her own coming out story.  Essentially SP wrote a letter to her family when we realized that we were really serious about each other.  I came out to my family in college when I was dating my first serious girlfriend.  When they met SP I think they know she was going to be sticking around for a while.

How did your friends and family react when you came out?
SP's family did not react well at all to the letter.  But through grace and love we've come a long long way with SP's family.  We still don't see eye to eye on many things but we love each other despite our conflicting ideas.  My family was surprised but very supportive.  My parents have championed mine and SP's relationship and welcomed her into our family with (disturbingly) open arms.  Sometimes I think they love her more than me.

I think I'm gay what do I do?
It took me a long time to come to terms with my sexual identity.  Give yourself time to think about who you are and what you think and what you believe (outside of what your friends and family think)  Move away from home for awhile if you can and be on your own to learn who you are.  Remember sexuality is fluid and that only you can label who or what you are.  Take your time.  Enjoy your life.  No matter what and who you are - its ok!

I'm gay and I'm Mormon, what do I do?
The tides are turning amongst Mormon's and their thoughts on gay people.  That being said the LDS church does not endorse homosexuality and still believes that people can choose not to live a homosexual "lifestyle."  Check out: Mormon's Building Bridges for support.

I'm gay and I'm Catholic, what do I do?
Again the tides are turning amongst Catholic's and their thoughts on gay people.  The Catholic church still believes homosexuality is a sin and against human's "divine nature"  However one poll stated "54 percent of Catholics support same-sex marriage while just 38 percent are opposed" (Source)  Check out: Dignity USA for support.

You talk about babies a lot but you don't talk about if you and SP are trying for them?
SP and I are actively planning for babies.  I don't write about them here because its really an emotional process.  When one of us gets pregnant I promise you'll hear more about it then you want.  Until then it will probably be a little bit cryptic.

What exactly do you and SP do?
I'm the graduate coordinator for a math department at a major university in Northern California.  SP works for a non profit that serves the elderly community.

I have a question/need specific advice, can I email you?
Yup!  bloggitybloo@gmail.com  I'm no expert but I'm happy to share my experiences and provide you any assistance I can!  If nothing else I can give you a pretty decent pep talk.

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