Thursday, September 27, 2012

Be still my beating heart

The last 3ish weeks have been like some sort of alternate reality/ hazy dream.  It sounds so ridiculous and I hate being "that" girl but I know I am right now so I guess I should just roll with it.

On September 8th, 2012, SP and I had the most lovely wedding.  

The lead up to it was absolutely insane.  It was everything everybody said. The chaos and the stress and the extreme busyness - it was all that.  The details drove my control freak self to the brink.  But every time I thought it would become too much and I couldn't remember the "why's" I would get a sign or a reminder, a kiss from my love, a reminder from my preacher man about what weddings are really about, a friend who calls and helps with anything (and I mean anything) - apparently that's called God kicking my butt yet again.  

And in the end it was everything I never dreamed of. Perfection in every inch, in every look, in every laugh, in every touch – every single moment.

I loved every instant of our wedding.  I'm not sure that every bride can say that about their wedding.  Because there is so much anxiety and exhaustion and nerves and the details, my goodness, the details.  But I honestly can say I loved every second.  Don't get me wrong we had all the anxiety etc but it was so wrapped in a gauze of love and joy and celebration, I remember nothing else but that feeling of bubbly, foggy happiness.

I know that my wedding is a sort of anomaly (I like that, I have to say) in that we didn't really adhere to any of the "traditional" wedding things (whatever those are).  But it was disgustingly dreamy.  It was the perfect balance of all about us (which you know is the way I like it!) and all about everybody else.  I thought I would hate all the attention (and it was hard for me) but the focus on the celebration of the love, of the life, SP & I have, it was actually wonderful.  It was exciting, and strengthening, and the perfect celebration of the marriage SP and I have created.

I could give you the play by play but I'll spare you.  Here's the 30 second version:
Take really hot pictures (temperature-hot you dirty minds)
Beautiful touching ceremony full of love love love
Take more really hot pictures that I will treasure forever
Beautiful touching reception that held some of the most moving moments of my life that I will literally never forget (tearing up now, I'm such a girl)
Try to eat - but I can't (SUCH A GIRL!)
Boogie down and try my hardest to talk to everybody (failed)
Go home and nearly die of exhaustion, prepare to leave in 4 hrs for European adventure
The end

And while I'll never be an advocate of the $100,000 big, fluffy, tulle-y weddings full of formality, I realize I am now a major advocate of the meaningful wedding.  It is important to celebrate finding real love (because that's hard people, really really hard) and it's important to allow others to celebrate with you and support you.  And it is important to recognize that two people sharing a life together is also really hard and you should celebrate every moment of love and joy that you can.  I didn't realize how much having a wedding would mean to me, but it meant a whole lot.  

And I'm so very glad I was the cliché and married my best friend.  

This is a combo of wow you look beautiful, I love you, and HOLY MOLY this is for real!


These are titled (L) We made it!  (R) Our favorite preacher man/brother from another mother

With the parents
The REAL Everybody ;)
And then the real whirlwind began - but that's another story for another time!

Lots of love from lovey dovey me!  XOXO