Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh Heyyy Elephante

Dear internet.

So sorry I've been neglecting you.

However you are somewhat low priority when I feel like I do not even have time to breathe as of late.  Seriously though do any of you ever get that weird panicky sick feeling in your stomach.  That tightening in your chest like an elephant is sitting on it and like you are just going to fall over.  Like your heart is beating so fast it might just explode.  Apparently I actually do have a little bit of anxiety or something...  

SP and I have just been going nonstop like crazy.  Like something everysingleminuteofeverysingleday.  And that is pretty exhausting.  Last night we did go out on a little datesiepoo and saw the vagina monologues.  Not only was it for a really great cause (to prevent violence against women and children) it was straight up hilarious and really interesting.  If there is a production of it somewhere near you, I highly recommend it.

Otherwise off to a million meetings this week and on Friday SP's dad is coming to have dinner with us.  Which is a pretty big deal.  And then Saturday is the Sacramento Mobile Food Festival (or SactoMoFo...hahaha)  Oh hey yummy truck food in my mouth.  To cap off the weekend a 5k with the puppy.  Don't worry we haven't been training at all so that's going to be SUPER fun.  But whatever we're going to take the dog out and at least get in a little bit of a walk.  If she doesn't completely freak around all those dogs that is.

I really do have 99 pictures from Monterey that I'm going to force you to see.  And Orphan and Real Easters were super fun.

More on those topics when the elephant moves off my chest.

Much Love,

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Letter to Me (from the future...dun dun dun)

You know how people always write about what they would tell themselves when they were younger about what they know now (does that sentence make ANY sense?).  You know like I could write a letter to my 12 year old self telling me not to worry about middle school and the fact that everyone called me Bus Driver because it really wasn't going to be a big deal in the future?  Well I'm going to do that now, except I'm writing to myself now from my future self - you're tripping out right now aren't you?!  I know its hard to follow but go with me here...

Dear 25 year old self,

You are so lucky.

Read that sentence again. 

You are so lucky.

You are young, you are pretty stable for your age, you have really awesome family and friends, you get to travel and have fun and enjoy your time.  Guess what you're not even in school any more and you should definitely be enjoying that.  Are you?  Are you enjoying the fact that you don't have to write papers or go to class on saturdays anymore because you should be.  Because dude, I don't have to tell you how not fun THAT was.

Also self, you need to CALM THE F DOWN.  Why in the world do you worry so much?  You're not starving to death or homeless or gravely ill or even in jeopardy of any of those things occurring in the near future.  So chill why don't ya?!  The universe and the big guy upstairs are taking care of you.  So just chillax already.

Self, stop nit picking.  You are great just the way you are.  Enjoy the body you have and your "quirky" personality.  Enjoy your family and friends while they are close and warm and here.  Be nice to your SP, because you really lucked out there, lets not lie.  Enjoy your life now.  Live it.  That doesn't mean stop planning for the future (because god knows you are a freakish planner/worrier) but loosen up every once in a while and enjoy the moment.

Little Self this much I know is true.  Everything WILL BE OK.

What you are failing to realize is that it already is...

Much love,

Your future self.

Recap of our monterey trip and pics to come soon.

Oh yeah, and tonight we're having pre-easter easter...And I bought a 10lb ham.  What have I gotten myself into?!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Insomniatic Ramblings

This is what we look like when we are not doing the sleepy - ie Sarah McCranky Pants

Oh hey, remember that one time I never slept?  Yeah me too, its right now.  There is nothing like topping off a not so great work day with a whole lotta not sleepin.  I think I have stress insomnia.  That or the universe is really plotting to kill me by keeping me up all night long for no good reason.

Good news though is that the sun came out – oh haaaaayyyy mr. sun, haven’t seen you in a long time, you lookin fine. 

Also today (because you get to say today when it’s 2:04am) is Friday which means the weekend is upon us.  Glory hallelujah.

Also also tomorrow I’m running a 5k.  We use the word running loosely as in walking with small amounts of jogging because dudes I’m so out of shape right now running 3 miles aint happening.  Sad considering I ran a ½ marathon around this time last year.  Baby steps I guess.

Also also also tomorrow we are going to see SP’s brother play football.  Go Midvalley Militia.    If you know me, which you do if you are reading this (Hi Mom) then you know that I know essentially nothing about football.  But that’s ok because I make a really great cheerleader. L-E-T-S-G-O lets go lets go!

And now I want some nachos but instead I think I will try to sleep again.

Good night.  Good morning?