Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Keep Calm and Catch Up

Oh my gosh yall, I don't even know how to catch ya up!

First - yes we are all still alive
Second - yes things are really great and really busy
Third - yes baby girl is WALKING!  Eep

For the most part things have been same old same old, in that SP and I are working working working.  And Momming momming momming.  And honestly some days its insanely hard.  But all days it is amazing. I still adore being a mommy so so much.  So much in fact that the beginning months of insane exhaustion memories have started to fade and SP and I have tentatively broached the topic of throwing another kiddo into the crazy mix (some days that prospect sounds insane though! Like when baby girl is literally throwing herself on the ground and throwing a full on tantrum at only 14mos old...mmmm....)

So here's the quick catch up:

-baby girls first birthday
-Work is getting pretttyyy busy
-February disappears

-I was insanely busy at work.  Like work all day and then work at home at night too.
-We spend an overnight in the mountains!  Beautiful and baby girl's first time in snow...maybe not her favorite.  Much much needed getaway.

 Snow Bunny Baby!

Maybe I don't love this moms...
 -Zoo day with friends!  Cute kids, cute animals, cute cute cute.

-Easter!  And Baby Girl kind of gets the whole opening gifts things, so that's fun!  (no candy!  scrooge-mommies ;)

-March disappears

-Work is still realllllyyyy busy
-Baby girl starts WALKING!!!!
-We throw a baby shower for some friends!  Baby is born about a week and half later (sneaked that right in)  Baby girl has a brand new friend and my ovaries start talking to me REAL hard ;)

 It was an outdoorsy/elegant theme

And obvi a photo booth!

And maybe party planning is my fall back job? 

-April disappears

Are you seeing a theme here friends?  The time it is a passin!  Some days feel insanely long but overall time just seems to be whizzing by (and I'm just getting older and hooo) But I'm doing everything I can to savor every hard and fabulous moment!

I've missed ya'll!  

Be Brave!