Saturday, July 7, 2012

S-A-R-A-H or how to spell crazy

Every year around this time I go into a black hole.  I no longer have friends.  My apartment is a mess.  I don't do anything.  Mostly I'm lucky if I do the eating and the sleeping....and the oh...showering.

Planning a program for 200 insanely genius high school students takes way more time, effort, and portions of my stomach lining than you would ever imagine.  There are so many tiny parts I can't even begin to name them all.  But know that I'm not lying when I say I'm insanely busy and that despite my best efforts it is generally rather stressful.

That being said this year has been significantly better than the last.  The anxiety of the newness has worn off with a year of experience; the weight of the world definitely lessened.  The caffeine drip however has been installed in my veins and I will be needing it.  Along with an industrial sized jar of tums.  And while I have been nibbling away at my fingernails slowly but surely...things are coming together.  And the stress (while still palpable on most days) has been colored by so many lovely things.  Perhaps these highlights have been just the tums I've needed...

We've been hard at work planning "the big day."  (which is both enjoyable and a tums inducer)

 Boo sending off the invites!

We also did some psuedo nephew and dog sitting.

Look who's enormous now!
One best friendsie had a birthday 

(and another best friendsie MOVED HERE!!!)

We celebrated um-mer-ica.  With gluttony and explosives (what's more American than that really?)

All in all life is quite the roller coaster these days.  I vacillate between immeasurably happy and ulcer-ificlly high strung.  But how else do you know you're living really?!

Besos mis amigos.  May the seat belts in your roller coasters be tight!