Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just Call Me Mrs. Slacker!

Dudes & Dudettes

I recognize that there has been epic suck-age on the blogging front. This life thing is keeping me very very busy.

So here's some of the happenings over the last month:

  • I celebrated my 29th birthday.  Yes my real 29th birthday.  Not my 29th birthday again or something like that. 29 feels pretty good so far - but I'll keep you posted. I have been seeing some white/gray hairs popping up which I am not too happy about but dems da breaks I guess. Plus new baby on the way is bound to = much more gray!
  • We went to birthing class.  That was an experience. Let me tell you what. People who are 37 weeks pregnant are not meant to be in class all day long - even if you are moving around a lot and taking lots of breaks. It was particularly funny because many of the exercises I knew immediately would be on the "no way jose" list for SP. Foot rubs - major no. Stroking your partner's neck - definitely no no. But the teacher was great and encouraging and empowering. So we'll see if any of it sticks when laboring is actually happening...
  • We refinanced the house. Oh yes, that's right we haven't even been in the house for a year and we refinanced.  But it was for all good reasons (no cost, good interest rate etc etc).  However it did require me to dig out a LOT of paperwork again. And sign a lot of things. But its done - so yay?
  • We went to this awesome dinner movie theater (SMG ) with some good friends.  Enjoyed some beers (for the non pregnant ones), some ice cream, some snacks! Oh yeah...and saw a movie ;) Loved it!
  • SP hit and passed the 39 week mark.  At the last doc appointment nothing was moving and SP was more than a little disappointed - but now is the hurry up and wait time. She is, luckily, off work now so there's a lot more waddling around the block and napping happening before this kiddo makes his/her debut. Due date is 2/4 so hopefully my next post will be full of newborn-ness!

And that's about all I have time for amongst my panicked nesting! Send spontaneous healthy labor thoughts our way!