Thursday, September 29, 2011

A quickie (not that kind) for SP

Dear SP,

Sometimes you prance around the apartment like a show pony and I love it so much.  Sometimes you "rush in place" and it’s a shimmy/shake like the world has never known.  Sometimes (aka every day) you make my coffee even though you don't drink any yourself or even particularly enjoy the smell.  SP you give the best hugs.  Your shoulders make the best kleenex.  You are infinitely kind to others.  If we had the financial and time resources I'm pretty sure you'd help every living soul you passed in the streets.  Your ability to eat the exact same things over and over and over again fascinates me (and makes cooking easy!)  You are unendingly optimistic and work harder than probably anybody I've ever met.  Your unfailing faith in me is undeserved but so very appreciated.

Thank you for always watching my crappy reality tv shows and allowing me to be a tv voyer.  Thank you for letting me have all my feelings whenever I need to feel them.  Thanks for always picking up the dog poop.  Seriously thanks.  Thanks for working hard at our relationship - even when it is challenging.  Thanks for trying new things with me and for mini adventures.  Thanks for kicking your own butt to try to make me the happiest girl in the world.  And thanks for always making me laugh really hard.

I love you more than a giant bowl of popcorn with seasoned salt (and you know that's a LOT!)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh Em Gee

Oh em gee you guys, its FALL!

I knew it was fall when the temp didn't hit 90 all last week and it was all breezy and leafy and fall-ey and beautiful.  I knew it was fall by all the beautiful, creamy leather boots that are taking over the shoe departments of the world, and by the cinnamon smell that is around every corner.  Being a southern CA girl, I've always loved some sunshine and some summer weather, but I have a confession to make - I think I'm becoming a northern CA girl.  I mean I really like fall you guys.  And I watch Giants games (blasphemy, I'm sorry Padres, you'll always be my baseball first love).  Who would have thought?  6 years ago at this time I would not have been thinking, “man I wish it would rain.”  And yes I know I will be eating these words, every last drop of them, when it’s been raining for 30 days straight and I'm shoving my head directly into the florescent light fixture.  But still, I'm so excited.  I can't wait for hot tea and blankets.  For reading books in bed while it rains outside.  I can't wait for crisp cool weather and coats and sweaters and boots.  As a rule I think I look significantly better in fall/winter clothes.  And don't even get me started on the holidays.  I'm already a self proclaimed Christmas junkie.  But I love thanksgiving so very much as well.  The food and the colors (I've always looked good in earth tones ;) and the family.  I love that my mom pulls out the Christmas stuff literally the day after thanksgiving and we torture my father by turning on the Christmas music as soon as possible.  I can't wait for apple and cinnamon and scarves.  Oh I can't wait!

To get into the fall spirit SP and I went to Apple Hill awhile ago.  We walked in nature and fed some stinky goats and took fall-ey pictures and looked at crafts.  And we ate apple crumb doughnuts.  Can we just have a moment of silence for apple crumb doughnuts?  I mean really those things will always deserve my everlasting love and worship.  If the world is going to end, I'm going out eating apple crumb doughnuts (and mac and cheese) they're THAT good.

In honor of the season change (and the fact that my hair was a rat nest) I got BANGS.  Bangs dude.  It’s been a long while since I've had some bangs.  And an even longer time since I've had front bangs (that my mother didn't cut in our front yard - word to the wise, moms should probably never cut bangs, their children's or their own - love you mom!)  I'm still getting used to them.  It’s weird to have something touching my face all the time, but overall I think I likey.  Now if I could only figure out how in the world the salon person could get my hair to curl (and STAY for 2 days).  I just don't understand, despite exact replication of what they do I cannot curl my hair.  Maybe I need a new curling iron.  Anybody have any tips on curling uncurlable hair?

Last weekend SP and I went to see my bestie at her hippie cottage in Fort Bragg, CA.  And apparently there is a crazy murderer on the lose in the woods.  (like for real)  I promise we stayed in well populated areas.  Pictoral debrief to come soon.

Happy Fall-ing people!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is this what being eaten by zombies feels like?

I wrote this yesterday...My Prayers were Answered!

Dear God of slumber,

Please bless me this night with your sweet dreams.  Because if I don't sleep tonight I'm pretty sure I will cut a b*tch tomorrow.  Is this what being eaten by zombies feels like?  Please help.


I think I'm a pretty level headed person (I can hear SP laughing in my head right now) most of the time.  Obviously I get worked up and anxious and happy and scared and and and but I would say in GENERAL i'm relatively even tempered.  But let me tell you something, when peeps don't sleep, all sh*t hittith the fanneth.  Like no joke, I'm pretty sure everything on the planet is annoying (the florescent lights at work are too florescenty, peoples emails are too emaily, my diet coke isn't diet cokey enough - Can I get an Amen?).  And my brain it just stops working.  Like today I'm pretty sure I stared at the same budget I had been working on for like 35mins trying to do the same (very basic) calculation over and over and over.  (I'll have you know I did eventually figure it out and it was a stupid mistake and that's all we're saying about that).  But really can I be blamed for my irritable disposition and my inability to do arithmetic (can I do this when well rested?! NO!) when it is due in fact to my lack of zzzzzzzzzzz's.  It's not like I'm choosing to be grumpy.  I throw my hands up in surrender, today I'm grumps mc gee.  I'm pretty sure there will be a drool puddle on my keyboard right quick here. 

In other news this insomnia is probably training me well for the wee ones of the future (Calm down SP, my ovaries are on hold - sorta)

Happy Dreaming,

Friday, September 2, 2011

I went on vacation and all I got was...

On Vacation I got:

-to relax and swim in the beautiful ocean
-to watch SP plank at Disneyland
-to go to DISNEYLAND
-the stomach flu
-to walk on le beach
-to eat my body weight in mexican food
-a sunburn
-hugs from my momma and my daddy

Epic Plank-age & the Happiest Place on Earth!

Pancho the Disney Donkey

We make such beautiful Disney characters!

 Pretty sure this series of pictures speak for themselves:

We also went to the Aquarium:

Beautiful San Diego!
Vacation, was le lovely (with a tiny bit of terribleness).  It was not quite long enough.  Oh how I wish the parental units lived just a touch closer.  More hugs all around.  

This weekend SP and I are continuing the fun with a mini vacation to San Jose to see our fabulous friend Joshy in THIS! Which is one of my all time favorite musicals anyway but its always just a little bit better when you know somebody in it.  We're taking dog baby with us so hopefully we'll have some outside time too...

Oh cray cray doglet...
Happy labor day peeps!