Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is this what being eaten by zombies feels like?

I wrote this yesterday...My Prayers were Answered!

Dear God of slumber,

Please bless me this night with your sweet dreams.  Because if I don't sleep tonight I'm pretty sure I will cut a b*tch tomorrow.  Is this what being eaten by zombies feels like?  Please help.


I think I'm a pretty level headed person (I can hear SP laughing in my head right now) most of the time.  Obviously I get worked up and anxious and happy and scared and and and but I would say in GENERAL i'm relatively even tempered.  But let me tell you something, when peeps don't sleep, all sh*t hittith the fanneth.  Like no joke, I'm pretty sure everything on the planet is annoying (the florescent lights at work are too florescenty, peoples emails are too emaily, my diet coke isn't diet cokey enough - Can I get an Amen?).  And my brain it just stops working.  Like today I'm pretty sure I stared at the same budget I had been working on for like 35mins trying to do the same (very basic) calculation over and over and over.  (I'll have you know I did eventually figure it out and it was a stupid mistake and that's all we're saying about that).  But really can I be blamed for my irritable disposition and my inability to do arithmetic (can I do this when well rested?! NO!) when it is due in fact to my lack of zzzzzzzzzzz's.  It's not like I'm choosing to be grumpy.  I throw my hands up in surrender, today I'm grumps mc gee.  I'm pretty sure there will be a drool puddle on my keyboard right quick here. 

In other news this insomnia is probably training me well for the wee ones of the future (Calm down SP, my ovaries are on hold - sorta)

Happy Dreaming,

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