Friday, September 2, 2011

I went on vacation and all I got was...

On Vacation I got:

-to relax and swim in the beautiful ocean
-to watch SP plank at Disneyland
-to go to DISNEYLAND
-the stomach flu
-to walk on le beach
-to eat my body weight in mexican food
-a sunburn
-hugs from my momma and my daddy

Epic Plank-age & the Happiest Place on Earth!

Pancho the Disney Donkey

We make such beautiful Disney characters!

 Pretty sure this series of pictures speak for themselves:

We also went to the Aquarium:

Beautiful San Diego!
Vacation, was le lovely (with a tiny bit of terribleness).  It was not quite long enough.  Oh how I wish the parental units lived just a touch closer.  More hugs all around.  

This weekend SP and I are continuing the fun with a mini vacation to San Jose to see our fabulous friend Joshy in THIS! Which is one of my all time favorite musicals anyway but its always just a little bit better when you know somebody in it.  We're taking dog baby with us so hopefully we'll have some outside time too...

Oh cray cray doglet...
Happy labor day peeps!

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